Why Moving to a New Oklahoma City Apartment During Winter Makes Sense

February 05, 2018

Moving in Winter in Oklahoma CityIt's tough to tell when the urge to start searching for apartment homes for rent in Oklahoma City is going to hit. For many people, the itch strikes in the middle of winter; whether by their own choice or due to outside circumstances. If you want or need to start looking now, you may find tons of benefits that fit perfectly into your life right now. 

6 Reasons Why Moving to a New Oklahoma City Apartment During Winter Makes Sense 

Regardless of your reason for launching your search for luxury apartments in Oklahoma City, you may find yourself concerned that you will lose out on the benefits of searching for an apartment during the traditional apartment hunting season that usually falls between May and September. We are determined to persuade you to bundle up and head out and face chilly OKC temperatures, or an occasional ice storm or snowfall, to find your new apartment community during the winter—also known as the off-season months—is chock full of benefits. 

Take a look at six of our top reasons that will convince you that moving during the winter makes good sense! 

1. The Slower Winter Season Means Heaps of Attention for You

You have probably experienced the slow response times from apartment managers and real estate agents during the traditional apartment search season. The volume is so much greater during those times that apartment managers find themselves struggling to keep up with communications with valued potential new residents. Our own team members make it a point to always return phone calls, emails and text messages quickly, but the truth is that we find it so much easier to do so in January and February. 

2. The Luxury Apartment of Your Dreams May Be Available and Waiting for You

Perhaps you have had your eye on a spot at a luxury community that features high-end amenities like  gourmet kitchen, a patio or terrace, or a resort-inspired swimming pool. You may find those very features—or any number of other luxury attractions you have in mind—at our Springs at Memorial Luxury Apartments right here in Oklahoma City during the winter months. 

3. Apartment Communities and Moving Companies May Offer Some Discounts

While there are no guarantees that apartment communities are able to offer winter discounts, The Motley Fool recommends that it is worth asking your apartment manager. Make sure to ask our apartment community managers if we have any discounted rates available this winter. Also, don't forget to check with your local moving company to see if they offer any reduced rates. 

4. Save the Sweat for the Gym 

Sure, you don't mind working up a sweat, but it's safer and more effective to save it for the gym. Packing and hauling is much easier to do in the winter, whether it is you doing the heavy lifting or your moving team. 

5. Get Your Spring Cleaning Out of the Way Early

If you have wanted to purge your closets for a while now, a winter move is the perfect excuse to do it now. When spring arrives, you will be all settled into a squeaky clean new apartment, without all the clutter. 

6. A New Apartment Can Perk Up a Bleak Winter 

Winter can definitely drag on and on. A move may be the ideal distraction from the winter blues and blahs. Becoming immersed in the details your new home in someplace like our Springs at May Lakes Apartments with Style here in Oklahoma City may just change your whole outlook and carry you through until the first blooms of spring. You can daydream about your first cookout on your patio or terrace, head out to the leash-free pet park with your best friend for some brisk air, or spend some quality time in our state-of-the-art fitness center. 

Visit Us for a Cozy Tour of One of Our Springs Communities in Oklahoma City 

If you are looking for luxury and style, our Oklahoma City communities have it all. When you visit, we'll have fresh coffee, as well as answers to any of your questions, ready and waiting for you. Schedule a tour with us today! 

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