4 Oklahoma City Food Blogs to Add to Your Reading List

May 30, 2016

Food-Blogs-OKC.jpgWhile Oklahoma City's food scene is quite extensive, knowing exactly where to dine is not always easy. Also, when you want to stay in and cook in your Springs at May Lakes or Springs at Memorial apartment home, you need a resource for great recipes that are sure to please. Here are four Oklahoma City food blogs that will have your covered on both fronts!

1. Dishin & Dishes

Katie, the brains behind Dishin & Dishes, loves life in the kitchen. Her blog features a number of recipes that she's tried herself, along with reviews of Oklahoma City’s best eateries. She particularly loves to review specialty food markets and hidden culinary gems in the area, and you can search for a new place to eat right from her blog! Check out her recent recipe for Pimento Bacon Cheeseburgers, a great idea for your next grill out.

2. The Food Dude

When it comes to food, no one knows it quite as well as Oklahoma food editor Dave Cathey, the man behind The Food Dude. He posts several times a month with in-depth reviews of restaurants, and recently, posted about the new food truck court set to join the Farmers Market this year—giving you a taste of what you can expect if you want to grab lunch while shopping for fresh produce at the farmer's market.

3. Steve's Food Blog

With updates at least once a month, Steve's Food Blog is the place to go for reviews of “out-of-the-way” eateries in Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities. You'll get a number of pictures of the food and environment of the restaurants the reviews, so you can get a fair idea of what to expect should you choose to dine out. Check out this recent review of Chibugan Filipino Cuisine, the area's only Filipino restaurant.

4. Bacon & Braids

Bacon & Braids is an intriguing read, as it offers the benefit of an Oklahoma City food blog with a traveling twist. The blog's anonymous author will review not only local places to eat, but also places she travels to, like Walt Disney World in her most recent blog post. The blog may give you the desire to travel, while also encouraging you to discover new locations in OKC to eat. The author publishes at least once per month, but not on a regular schedule, so check back regularly!Are you hungry yet? Chime in using the comments to share your own favorite OKC food blogger.

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