Tips for Relocating to Oklahoma City

November 21, 2016

Relocation-Guide-OKC.jpgRelocating to a new city presents many challenges, but it can also be an exhilarating adventure when approached right. Use these tips to get settled quickly, so Oklahoma City can start feeling like home in no time.

1. Grab a Visitor’s Guide

Though you won’t technically be a visitor once you adopt an Oklahoma City address, there are some great perks to treating the city like a tourist. You can request a free Visitors Guide online packed with suggestions for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Use this guide to find great bars and pubs to visit during your first few weekends in the city, or locate a nearby shopping mall to help you decorate your new digs.

2. Check Out Local Meetups

Joining a Meetup is a great way to get to know others in the area, so be sure to look for an Oklahoma City Meetup group that caters to your interests. There are groups around the area for everything from sports and fitness to spirituality or movie-going. Getting involved is a great way to find your niche in a new city.

3. Unpack in Order

Pack your bags and boxes in a careful order so you don’t have to spend your first days and weeks in your new apartment home searching for essential items. Label your boxes carefully and unpack items in the order you’ll need them. You’ll want items like bedding, towels, shower curtains, dishes, and cutlery most of all, but most other items can wait. This unpacking strategy will give you more time to get out of the apartment, explore the city, and relax in between unpacking sessions.

4. Map Out Top Destinations

Make a list of essential destinations before your arrival and program them into your GPS or save these addresses on your smartphone. You’ll want to find a nearby grocery store, pizza delivery place, pharmacy, and hospital at a bare minimum. You may also want to locate the nearest shopping mall, library or movie theater depending on your interests. If you have children, be sure to look up their schools, playgrounds, and other kid-friendly attractions.

5. Pick Up a Newspaper

Reading the local newspaper is one of the best ways to get acquainted with a new city. If you have time, go through cover-to-cover and at least glance through all the stories. This will help you find out what’s happening in your neighborhood, from grocery sales to breaking political stories. The Oklahoman features a print replica of the paper online, so you can start familiarizing yourself with area news even before your arrival.

Also be sure to tap into the friendly apartment leasing staff at Springs at Memorial and Springs at May Lakes who will have ideas and suggestions for making your transition to your new city an easy one.

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