Unique Shopping Spots in Oklahoma City

September 30, 2015


You take pride in your discriminating sense of style and your personal good taste. You want your lifestyle to be as unique as you are, including your surroundings and where you live. Not just any mass-produced goods will suit your style, so you’d rather find the hidden gems in your town rather than head for the mall or the nearest big-box store. 

Don't give up on finding just the right items to suit your new apartment in Oklahoma City. There are plenty of one-of-a-kind shops, with goods ranging from fun and funky to classy and upscale. Check these stores first and you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you will find.

Blue Seven

Whether you're looking for a new retro-inspired dress or funky accessories for your outfits or your home, you're bound to have good luck here. The selection of gifts and accessories is truly one of a kind, like high-quality scented candles, giant gummy bears or a pocket flask.


For the discriminating shopper without budget concerns, this is where you'll find high-end cosmetics and clothing. Located in Classen Curve, Balliet's has trendy and stylish shoes, purses and clothing.

Daisy Exchange

If you want to be wearing the trendiest fashions, without paying the high price for new clothes, Daisy Exchange is like a thrift store that has current styles in good condition. You can even sell your old stuff while you're looking for something to add to your closet!

Uptown Kids

Adults aren't the only ones who need to look cool and chic. You'll find the best outfits for fashionable kids at Uptown Kids. Even the clean lines and minimalist decor of the store itself resembles an art gallery more than a playground.

Suburban Contemporary Furniture

Your home needs to be just as stylish and fashionable as you are. When you want to find the kind of modern furniture you would normally see in bigger cities, stop in to Suburban Contemporary Furniture, where you’ll find big city style without big city prices.  

Have a special store you like to shop at that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments.

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