Healthy/Organic Food Stores in Oklahoma City

September 23, 2015


You can tell by the number of natural and organic food markets and healthy restaurants located in Oklahoma City that residents are into healthy eating. As people try to maintain healthier lifestyles, they also focus on their diets; avoiding allergens and chemicals in the food they eat and turning to organically-grown meat, produce and eggs. Check out the wide variety of healthy food options available at these organic food stores.

Akin's Natural Foods

Akin's Foods has been in business since 1935, providing fresh, organic food, health supplements, pet supplies and beauty products to their customers. Their meat and produce is 100% certified organic and contains no pesticides or growth hormones, MSG, sulfides or artificial colors or flavors. Plus, they carry food for special diets such as gluten-free, wheat-free, kosher, lactose-free, low-sodium, and vegetarian/vegan diets. For nutritional supplements, they carry sports and fitness supplements, vitamins, herbs and homeopathic products. The store on Memorial Road is a short 4 miles from Springs at Memorial Apartments.

GreenAcres Market

GreenAcres Market in Oklahoma City carries a fine assortment of certified organic produce, frozen and refrigerated foods, deli foods. That means no harmful ingredients in your food, including artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or chemical preservatives. GreenAcres is committed to educating people on healthy lifestyles and also provides great tips and recipes online in their newsletter and blog.

Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers has been serving the public since 1955. Their core values include educating consumers about organic foods through health coaches and classes, providing the highest quality products, making healthy foods affordable and supporting the local community. As a natural foods market they do not sell any GMO products, meat or dairy products from farms that use Bovine Growth Hormones or keep animals confined. Their foods are also free of artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, and bleached flour. As part of their nutrition education, they offer recipes, meal planning ideas and substitution tips for special diets. Starting a new healthy lifestyle in a new apartment is easy, since they are located less than 2 miles from Springs at May Lakes.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market are committed to providing the freshest and best locally-grown produce and farm-raised meats and eggs. They maintain high standards for farm-raised beef and poultry and will not buy meat that has been subjected to hormones or antibiotics. They also uphold strict guidelines for meat producers concerning humane animal treatment. When it says "free-range" it means free-range. They care about the quality of the food they sell and the customers who shop there.

If you have a favorite health food or organic market not listed here, please tell us about it in the comments below.

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