Where to Go Walking & Running in Oklahoma City

Jean Jones
July 22, 2015


Feel like you need to get outdoors for a while, maybe take a walk, or go for a run? There are plenty of great walking and running trails in our area, and we've listed several here. Click on their links for more information.

The Bert Cooper Trails - 9.1 miles

The Bert Cooper Trails were formerly known as the Lake Hefner Trails. These trails are local runners favorites because a section of the trail is on bike lanes, there are portable toilets and drinking fountains, and most of the trail is very wide, making it great for walkers and runners. There are some 6-foot wide, pedestrian only areas, too, and there is a lot more to do once you finish your walk or run. The trails offer playgrounds, fishing docks, restaurants and more.

Chisholm Trail Park - .25 miles

The Chisholm Trail Park is perfect for walkers. It offers several walking paths and trails. The main path is just a quarter mile and it takes walkers on a paved path around a flowerbed that is laid out in the shape of a boot. You can also find the Copeland Nature Trail here in this 100-acre park (which is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily).

Bluff Creek Trail and Bluff Creek Park - 3.5 miles, 1 mile

Runners and walkers love Bluff Creek Trail (and so do bikers). It is perfect for beginning trail runners and experienced hikers. The trail is a single loop with steep inclines and tight turns around trees, but the loop is well-maintained. There is also Bluff Creek Park, at the western edge, which is a one-mile asphalt trail that is perfect for walkers and runners. Another one-mile asphalt loop is located at the eastern edge, too. Parking is available for all three trails.

What trails do you like to use for running or walking? Let us know in the comments section below.

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