Efficiency is Key: Tips for Optimizing Space in Your Rochester Studio Apartment

August 02, 2016

Studio_Apartment_Space.jpgLiving in a studio apartment doesn’t have to feel cramped. If you're careful to organize and optimize your space, studio living can be simple, efficient and enjoyable. Follow these six tips to maximize your use of space in your studio apartment.

1. Make Furniture Placement Deliberate

Creating flow in a studio isn’t as tricky as it may appear when you make smart use of your furniture. Smaller spaces benefit from having most of the furniture against the walls, but don’t stop there! Create a living room-feel conversation space with a chair strategically grouped and angled with the sofa, and anchor the space with a small area rug. For dining, tuck one side of your table against the wall to maximize the floor area while still having a spot for a few friends to gather.

2. Choose Multifunctional Furniture

Look for pieces of furniture that satisfy more than one need, and you'll need fewer pieces of furniture overall. For instance, a headboard with shelves built into it allows you to store nighttime necessities without a nightstand. A coffee table with a top that lifts gives you a place to store magazines.

3. Avoid Duplicate Items

Go through your items, and donate or sell anything you have in duplicate. You probably don't need five spatulas, 10 blankets, or 120 pencils. Getting rid of the extras will give your space a less cluttered look and will make it easier to find the items you do need to use.

4. Make Use of Vertical Space

Taller furniture, such as a 6-foot bookshelf or a headboard with room for storage on top, allows you to fit more into your space without making your floor plan more cluttered. You can even mount a few floating shelves on the walls to hold trinkets and smaller items like DVDs.

5. Choose Functional Decor

Try decorating with items you need, rather than purchasing items for the sole purpose of decorating. For instance, setting out a wide vase filled with kitchen utensils like spatulas and wooden spoons is decorative, but it also puts these necessary items within easy reach. Other functional decor items include books, candles, and art supplies. Display these rather than locking them away, and you won't be tempted to clutter up your space with useless knick knacks.

6. Hang Hooks On The Walls

There's plenty of space on your walls, so put it to use by installing a few hooks, which you can use to hang up everything from jackets to jewelry. This will free up closet or drawer space for other items that are harder to hang, and it will keep your floors from becoming cluttered. Stick-on hooks are a good choice for most purposes, and they don't leave a residue behind when you remove them.

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