6+ Tips for Finding Hidden Space in the Closets of Your San Antonio Apartment

(September 15, 2016)

Hidden-Closet-Space-SA.jpgOur Springs San Antonio luxury apartments have generous closet space, including spacious walk-in closets, but who could ever say no to more storage room? We've found some great ways to increase closet space just by using some clever organizing ideas.

1. Are You a Clothes Hoarder?

Conventional wisdom holds that fashion trends eventually come back in style, but is it worth hanging on to every piece of clothing you've ever owned just in case? If you haven't worn a garment or accessory in the past year, out it goes. You can even turn those items into fun money by taking them to a resale or consignment shop.

2. 'Tis the Season

Rotate your closet based on warm weather and cool weather wardrobes. Pack off-season clothing away in storage containers that fit under the bed.

3. Create a Personalized System

Organize clothing in a way that makes sense to you. It could be by like items, such as tops and blouses, or by color. The system you choose doesn’t matter, just be consistent.

4. Change Directions

When it comes to closets, we tend to think in terms of horizontal real estate, so you can gain a whole new perspective by thinking vertically.

  • Double your hanging space in minutes with an inexpensive adjustable extender rod.
  • Cascading hangers hold more clothing, but soda can tabs are a low-cost, green alternative.
  • Tie hangers also come in handy for scarves, belts and even tank tops. Another option for accessories is hanging shower curtain hooks along the bottom of a hanger.
  • Expand shelving with under-shelf baskets or dividers.
  • Command hooks turn any blank wall space into storage.
5. A Moveable Feast

Multi-tiered carts on wheels are perfect for storing items that can go from closet to bedroom to bathroom and back to the closet.

6. Shedding Some Light

It's hard to create organization when you're working in the dark. Disk lights are a convenient way to brighten up every corner of a closet.

Have you discovered hidden storage space in your closet? Tell us in the comments!

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