Deck Your San Antonio Halls with Our 9 Favorite Holiday Decorating Tips

(November 19, 2015)

Does anything put you in a holiday mood faster than decorating your San Antonio apartment home? Whether this is your first home or you're looking for a way to freshen up your traditional holiday look, you'll find some great ideas in this list of our favorite decorating tips.

1. Dress Up the Windows

Why not change it up this year and display a wreath in your window instead of on the front door? Windows are also a great site for faux snowflakes and strings of lights. Paint a picture frame, string it with ribbon and hang ornaments for an easy, no-fuss decoration.

2. Blend Seasonal Colors with Natural Tones

Holiday decorations don't all have to feature vivid hues. Accessories like wicker reindeer and pine cone candle rings bring a charmingly rustic feel to the theme.

3. Turn Everyday into Holiday

Create a casually festive look with throw pillows, blankets and other household accessories in traditional colors. This allows you to enjoy the decor well after the holidays are over.

4. Share the Spirit

Give neighbors and guests a treat by decorating your patio or balcony. A poinsettia in a beautiful container makes a stunning display. You can also hang store-bought or DIY mobiles of stars and snowflakes along with garlands of greenery. Just be sure to check with apartment management to see what is/isn’t allowed ahead of time.

5. Spectacular Seating

A dining table is a favorite spot for decorations, but what about the chairs? Add some whimsy by placing mini-wreaths on the backs or suspending bunches of pine cones with wide ribbons.

6. All Doors Lead to the Holidays

Spread cheer throughout your home by using doorways to display holiday cards, swags of greenery or colorful lights.

7. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are popular decor pieces that add space and light to any room. Take advantage of this lovely effect by hanging wreaths or ornaments in front of a mirror. Metallic pieces are particularly good for this use.

8. Size Doesn't Always Matter

Decorative scenes and elements don't have to be big and dramatic. Consider shelves, corners, and other nooks and crannies as spots for unexpected holiday touches.

9. Deck the Air

Did you know that smell is more closely connected to memories than any of your other senses? Candles, potpourri or air fresheners in scents like apple cinnamon and peppermint add a wonderfully nostalgic feel. 

Do you have a favorite decorating tip that is a traditional part of your holidays? Tell us about it in the comments!

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