Enjoy Life's Sweeter Side at 5 Don't-Miss Ice Cream Shops in San Antonio

(July 14, 2016)

Ice-Cream-Shops-SA.jpgSan Antonio is known for sublime BBQ, but our city is no slouch when it comes to the sweeter side. Here are some of San Antonio's best ice cream shops that take everyone's favorite summer treat to a whole new level.

1. Amy's Ice Creams  
255 E Basse Rd

The "acrobats" at Amy's have been serving up their artisan premium ice creams, dairy-free ices and frozen yogurts in San Antonio since 1997. Amy's daily menu includes seven standard flavors, featuring their signature Mexican Vanilla, along with a rotating assortment from more than 350 specialty flavors. Customize your choice with dozens of toppings such as granola, vanilla wafers and Reese's peanut butter cups.

2. Freddy's Frozen Custard   
Eight San Antonio locations

It's hard to imagine improving on perfection, but a special churning process makes frozen custard even richer and smoother than ice cream. Enjoy Freddy's chocolate or vanilla custard in a cup or cone, or try one of their novelty treats like cookie sandwiches or turtle sundaes. Freddy's famous Concretes, a blend of custard and toppings, got their name because they're so thick they can be served upside down.

3. Bahama Buck's  
Nine San Antonio locations

Head to Bahama Buck's for a blast of tropical flavor with their shaved ice treats. Add your choice of more than 90 gourmet flavors, ranging from traditional flavors such as vanilla and strawberry to inventive ones such as wedding cake and Jamaican rum. Finally, personalize your ice with add-ons like dark chocolate sauce, cinnamon sugar or green chili salt.

4. El Paraiso Ice Cream  
1934 Fredericksburg Rd

Remember those ice cream confections on a stick you enjoyed as a child? El Paraiso is serving the Mexican version known as paletas. All of El Paraiso's treats are made with simple, natural ingredients including milk and fruit. Choose from classic flavors such as chocolate and lemon, or sample more exotic flavors such as tamarind and chile pepper.

5. Lick Honest Ice Creams  
312 Pearl Pkwy

If desserts were fashion, Lick would be the Versace of ice cream. All products, including syrups, marshmallows and sauces, are made in-house from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. What you won't find are high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives or artificial colors and flavorings. El Paraiso's everyday flavors include beverage-inspired horchata, made with Texmati rice, cinnamon, vanilla and clove, and Texas sheet cake, with its swirl of chocolate-pecan icing. You'll also find rotating seasonal flavors like cilantro lime and dewberry corn cobbler.

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