Get Your BBQ on in San Antonio with Expert Grilling Tips and Tricks

(September 21, 2017)

Expert Grilling BBQ Tips San AntonioIf there's one thing Texans love more than beef, it's cooking that beef outdoors on a grill. There's something about the combination of smoky flavor and fresh air that's deeply satisfying.

Impress family and friends with your skills when you use these expert grilling tips.

Grilling the Perfect Steak

If you can master the art of grilling a steak, any other food will be a breeze.

  • Several different cuts of beef are good for grilling, but the method of cooking will vary based on the meat's toughness and marbling. Consider the best approach to your specific cut of meat when designing your game plan.
  • Many people recommend bringing steak up to room temperature before grilling, but you're better off keeping it refrigerated and patting it dry with paper towels just before cooking.
  • Seasoning is a must, but it doesn't have to be exotic spices. Rub the steak with olive oil and sprinkle a liberal amount of salt and pepper on both sides.
  • Build two heat zones on the grill for better control of cooking. Get that beautiful crust outside with a juicy inside by reverse searing, which is cooking the steak over the indirect heat zone and then finishing it off in the direct heat zone.
  • No matter how beautiful the steak looks on the outside, it's disappointing to slice into it and find well-done when you wanted medium rare. Always use a meat thermometer and follow the suggested internal temperatures for the appropriate level of doneness.
  • Finally, let steaks rest 10 minutes before serving to allow juices to redistribute and tenderize the fibers.

General Grilling Tips and Tricks

  • For an eco-friendly way to clean debris before cooking, heat the grill and rub the cut side of half an onion across it. Use a long-handled fork to prevent burns.
  • Keep food from sticking by saturating a paper towel in vegetable oil and using tongs to run it across the grill as needed.
  • Grill baskets are handy for cooking small, delicate or awkwardly-shaped foods.
  • Apply seasoning and BBQ rubs with a light hand to avoid damaging meat fibers.
  • Remember when mom told you not to play with your food? Resist the temptation to fuss with burgers and other cuts of meat by constantly flipping them. One turn is sufficient.
  • Never leave a hot grill unattended. Establish a three-foot safety zone around the perimeter for kids and pets.

San Antonio has adopted the 2015 International Fire Code, which prohibits grills on apartment balconies and patios. You can still get your grill on at the convenient outdoor kitchens and BBQ stations of our Springs San Antonio luxury apartment communities.

Do you have a favorite grilling rub or marinade? Share it with us in the comments — we won't tell a soul!New Call-to-action

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