How To Prep for Overnight Apartment Guests

Jean Jones
(February 10, 2015)


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Does the thought of overnight guests make your heart race a little…does your brow begin to perspire? If you’re in your first apartment home – or even if you’ve been living the apartment lifestyle for a while – chances are you haven’t felt entirely comfortable having houseguests. Where will they sleep? How do I get myself and my apartment ready? What do I need that I don’t already have on-hand?

We asked some seasoned hosts to help out our Springs Apartments residents (and would-be hosts) with simple, tried-and-true tips that will make guests feel at home and relieve the stress you might be feeling when preparing to welcome them.

1. Put fresh sheets on the bed, or make up an inflatable mattress

You don’t want to scramble late at night making a bed, and you want your guests to know you gladly prepared for their visit. Put a couple magazines or a book you think they’ll enjoy next to the bed in case they have trouble getting to sleep. An extra blanket nearby will come in handy should the temperature dip.

2. Clean the bathroom

Put out fresh towels, washcloths and soap, and clear an ample spot on the counter for their toiletries. If you anticipate having guests even a couple times a year, it’s a good idea to put together a special basket filled with things they might have forgotten to pack, like travel-size shampoo, hair spray, deodorant, razor and mouthwash.

3. Make some room in a closet

Your guests will need to hang their clothes or coats, so make sure they have a bit of space.

4. Stock up on a few snacks and beverages

Nothing says, “Glad you’re here!” like an appropriately stocked refrigerator. It also helps eliminate the need to order in or spend money eating out. For a list of food and beverage items you’ll want to have on hand for entertaining, see this post.

5. Check for allergies and make a list of favorite foods

Guests will appreciate you going to the trouble to have the food they love – and none that they’re allergic to. If your friends are gluten-free or have other dietary restrictions, you should know that, too, before setting off for the grocery store.

6. Plan some activities 

If your friends are new to your city, make sure to check out the popular attractions, restaurants and shopping. If you don’t have specific plans while your guests are in town, grab two or three of the latest “must see” movies, make a bowl of popcorn and make a night of it.

Grab a bouquet of flowers 

Put a few on the kitchen table, and one stem in a small vase next to the bed. It’s these little touches that make people feel special and eager to return your hospitality.

Why do guests love staying with you? What lengths do you go to when friends and family come to visit? If you have any unique ideas or special hosting tricks up your sleeve, we’d love to hear – and share – them!

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