Our 6 Favorite Tips to Get the Most from Your Furniture Budget

Jean Jones
(December 10, 2015)

Budget_Furniture_San_Antonio.jpgWhether you're moving into your new Springs San Antonio apartment home or you're just ready for a change, you don't have to drop big bucks on furniture. We're letting you in on the best money-saving secrets from experienced shoppers to get the most out of your furniture dollars.

Buy "Evergreen" Pieces

Coral and teal may be the colors of the moment, but how will your furniture look in a couple of years when trends move on to new shades? Chances are the room will feel outdated and tired. Invest in high-quality pieces in neutral shades like khaki, grey and cream that will blend well with any decor. Change it up by adding colors and prints with throw pillows, wall hangings and other accessories.

Cash is King

Pay cash whenever possible, especially for big-ticket items such as couches, beds and dining sets. You will save hundreds of dollars in credit card or financing charges and be less likely to overspend. In addition, retailers are sometimes willing to give price breaks when they get payment up front.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

We're not suggesting that you build furniture from scratch, unless carpentry is your profession or hobby. Check out resale and consignment shops along with online classifieds like craigslist. You may be surprised at the number of pieces you can find that need only a little TLC to find new life. While you will save a lot of money, you will also gain a deep satisfaction from strengthening your commitment to a green lifestyle. 

Think Global, Shop Local

Shopping at local independent furniture stores pays off in a couple of different ways. The salesperson, who may sometimes even be the owner, has more free rein to give concessions on price and delivery charges. Your purchases also support the community by contributing to the local economy.

'Tis the Season to Save Money

Furniture and automobile sales have something in common: you can get some great deals when you shop just before the new models come out. February and August are when new furniture styles hit the stores, so plan your shopping accordingly.

Beware of "Hidden" Costs

There is a higher cost to furniture than just the retail price. Tack on delivery charges, taxes and other fees such as custom color. You should also consider maintenance costs, which can be extensive on certain fabrics and materials, as well as the approximate life of the furniture based on its quality. 

We want to hear from all the savvy shoppers out there. What is your favorite tip for getting a great deal on furniture? Leave a comment with your best ideas!

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