The Best Meat Markets in San Antonio

Jean Jones
(April 02, 2015)

meat-markets-in-San-AntonioThanks to concerns about the health of both the environment and the population, the emphasis today is on fresh, local, sustainable ingredients in food preparation. Obtaining your food as close to the source as possible eliminates excessive handling and treatment with preservatives and other chemicals.

Top-quality meat is an important source of protein, a major component of every cell in your body including hair, bones, muscles and skin. Shopping at an old-school meat market instead of a supermarket offers the best selection along with a level of customer service that's not found in many stores today. 

You'll benefit yourself and your family as well as the community by patronizing these 4 meat markets in San Antonio.

Cooper's Meat Market
6002 Broadway St.

Considered by many to be the best meat market in San Antonio, Cooper's is a top supplier of Certified Angus Beef Prime and choice aged grain-fed beef. They also carry a unique selection of game meats such as antelope, elk and venison. Don't feel like cooking? Let Cooper's do the work for you with their selection of ready-made gourmet main dishes, sides and desserts.

Bolner's Meat Market
2900 S. Flores

Bolner's embodies a full century of tradition in San Antonio. It was founded in 1914 by Joseph Bolner, an Italian immigrant whose descendants still run the store today. Their selection of meats includes everything from USDA Prime steaks to quail and rabbit. Pick up lunch from their deli, which serves their signature BBQ meats and sides along with sandwiches and burgers.

Culebra Meat Market
Various locations

Founder Ezequiel Ramirez Guerrero learned the meat business buying and selling cattle with his father in Mexico during the mid-20th century. After moving to San Antonio, he opened Culebra as a source of high-quality meat at fair prices. You'll find exotic meats such as goat and tripe along with beef, poultry and seafood. Culebra is open 365 days a year for your convenience.

Pruski's Market
10140 Hwy. 87 S.

Pruski's is a family-owned market providing fresh, all-natural meat in custom cuts or ready-to-cook items. Their in-house smoked turkey and cured hams are perfect for your holiday dinner table. Deli trays and BBQ catering are available for parties and other special occasions. 

The only thing better than dining on top-quality meats is sharing them with friends and family. Why not grab some steaks and prepare them at the grilling areas of our Springs Apartments community? Share your favorite BBQ tips in the comments!

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