Think Global, Eat Local: 5 Top San Antonio Food Blogs

(May 26, 2016)

Food-Blogs-SA.jpgWant your voice to be heard far and wide? Start a blog. Everyone from scientists to soccer moms has a blog covering just about every topic under the sun.

Food is a subject that's near and dear to everybody's heart. Here in San Antonio we have a number of talented bloggers commenting on the local food scene and the culinary world in general. Add one or more of these sites to your bookmarks.

1. The Weekend Gourmet

"Life's too short to eat bad food" is the motto of Wendy Wofford-Garcia, a native Texan who started her blog as a way to share her recipes with family and friends. Today her site has grown to include new product spotlights, food-centric events and "road reports" covering restaurants discovered on travels with her husband Michael. She posts a couple of times a week, but still finds time to make occasional appearances on local TV.

2. SA Flavor

This eclectic blog covers the best of the San Antonio lifestyle, but its major focus is on food and restaurants. SA Flavor was started in 2009 by Garrett Heath, who confesses to loving "all things Tex-Mex and covered in gravy," but he ventures out to explore other interesting or trendy cuisines. Recent posts include a review of the Fairview Coffee Bar and a discussion with Chef Johnny Hernandez about the taco war between San Antonio and Austin. You can even appear as a guest blogger to offer your take on a local restaurant or food event.

3. San Antonio Current

"Flavor" is the food blog of San Antonio Current, the city's top print and digital alternative magazine. Posts appear almost daily, providing news about restaurant openings, food festivals and holiday dining suggestions.

4. SavorSA

SavorSA, founded in 2009 by two former food writers of the San Antonio Express-News, has been recognized as a "must-read" blog by San Antonio Magazine. Their mission is providing local foodies with a "one-stop center" for culinary news and information ranging from restaurant reviews to shopping guides. "Ask a Foodie" answers questions from readers, such as how to use Swiss chard and what ingredient can substitute for corn syrup.

5. Geekette Bits

Heather Hernandez, the self-described "geekette" of the title, is an IT professional whose blog grew out of her research skills and ability to retain details about random topics. Geekette Bits covers Heather's personal interests, such as family living and money-saving tips, but her true passion is food, which is featured in the "Tasty Bytes" section. Heather's recipes and restaurant reviews are interspersed with her unique takes on food, such as a January post about the nine best Instagram posts of San Antonio chefs.

Share your best foodie tips and recipes in the comments!

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