What Are People Saying? San Antonio Through Visitors’ Eyes

Jean Jones
(June 17, 2014)

As residents of San Antonio, we sometimes take its features, opportunities and energy for granted. Newcomers, on the other hand, may simply not know all there is to love about this great city. So, we thought we’d direct your attention to some of our favorite third-party articles about the city and all it has to offer, whether you’re here for a short time or are putting down roots.

May 2013, Forbes Magazine
“48 Hours in San Antonio”

This article presents the things the Forbes Travel Guide team believes are most important to see and experience if you had just two days to visit the city. You’ll learn the magazine’s hotel of choice (keep in mind, though, that there are many terrific hotels in San Antonio), a few of their favorite foods and what restaurants serve them, and, of course, attractions that shouldn’t be missed.

March, 2010, The New York Times
“36 Hours in San Antonio”

And, if you had even less time, The New York Times Travel section is ready to tell you what you shouldn’t miss. This is one of the country’s most respected sources of travel-related reviews and information, and this glowing article outlines what should be top of your “to-do” list if you were to spend just a day and a half in San Antonio. The best in shopping, eating and attractions…it’s all here.

January 2013, San Antonio Magazine
“52 Things Every San Antonian Must Do!”

San Antonio Magazine says its list captures “the quintessential San Antonio experiences.” There are definitely things on this list that even longtime residents haven’t taken advantage of, like crashing a wedding on Marriage Island and taking a ghost tour of some of the cities purportedly haunted locations (there are more than 15!); some are whimsical adventures (dressing up to support one of the sports teams) while others will help anyone in San Antonio create lasting memories of the city.

Don’t take our word for how great San Antonio is – read these articles for insight and ideas for indulging in what’s offered in this lively community. Want to be part of another great community? Reach out to Springs to learn more about our apartment homes and to take a tour – we’re always happy to show off a little!

Springs residents, let us know what fun, unusual or eye-opening San Antonio activities you’ve taken part in – we’ll share some of the best with our readers!


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