7 of Our Favorite Shopping Areas in San Antonio

Jean Jones
(June 19, 2014)


San Antonio has a huge variety of shopping opportunities for residents and visitors, from eclectic boutique gift shops selling handmade artwork to large national chain retail outlets that sell everything from work gloves to ball gowns. So, we asked our Springs team members to tell us where they like to shop and why – maybe these insights will get you to try something new!

Tiffany T. says:

The Shops at La Cantera

“The Shops at La Cantera is my favorite. They have some great stores that are fun to shop even if you’re not planning on buying anything…cool, high-end stores like the Apple store and Nordstrom. Plus, there are plenty of less pricey “standard” stores where you can get whatever you need for yourself or gifts for other people. There are tons of restaurants, too, but I rarely go to La Cantera for lunch or dinner. Knowing they’re available is nice, though.”


Lydia H. says:

Rivercenter Mall

“I’d have to say Rivercenter Mall. Even though this is somewhat of a tourist area because it’s almost part of the Riverwalk, it’s got some really good stores and of course everyone loves hanging out in this area (tourists or not). The stores are pretty much what you find in other malls, but there’s something about the atmosphere that makes it my ‘go-to’ mall.”


Cara L. says:

Alamo Quarry Market

“This is probably the coolest looking mall – it used to be some kind of industrial building and you can see some of the original structure inside, so it’s not your typical mall. I don’t know that there are any more unusual stores than any other mall, but it does have what I want. There are some good places to eat, too, so you can make a shopping trip into more of a night out with friends.”


Joe A. says:

Pearl Brewery

“Whenever people from out of town visit me, this is the first place I think to take them because it’s such a cool spot and it’s part of Riverwalk. Everyone loves it. The building is over a hundred years old and used to be a brewery, then it was turned into shops and restaurants. There’s also a really good farmer’s market on weekends.”


Kelly K. says:

Alamo Ranch Marketplace

“I don’t know that you could say there’s anything really special about Ingram Park Mall, but it’s got everything, so I know I’ll find what I need. That whole area around the mall also has the stores I need to go most often, so it makes sense to me to shop here. It’s less of a fun destination (like if you’re looking for atmosphere) than it is the right place when you’ve got lots of ‘normal’ shopping to do.”


Matthew B. says:

Market Square

“Market Square has a really big selection of authentic Mexican and Mexico-inspired goods and even though it can be kind of touristy, it’s fun to just fun walk around and see all the things you can’t find or see anywhere else.”


Jenny P. says:

Village at Stone Oak

“I guess the best part about this mall for me is that it's so close to where I work. On my lunch break I love to window shop or sip coffee on the patio at Starbucks. It has some really high end stores, so most of the time I’m just looking, but you can always find cool stuff there. I also really like the restaurants and pubs. Walking around, it really does feel like a village.”


Springs residents, what’s your favorite place to shop for fun? For everyday items? For a night out? We’d love to hear from you, especially if you’ve found a “hidden gem” you’d like to share with other residents!


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