Where To Shop for Halloween Costumes in San Antonio

(October 08, 2015)


Halloween might be a spooky time for celebration, but there is no denying that the night is a lot of fun. The ghoulish holiday offers an opportunity to get together with friends and family to let your imagination fly to virtually limitless heights. You’ll need a great Halloween costume to bring the night to life and luckily San Antonio has a variety of shopping options to choose from around the city. Here are a few favorites to check out near Springs Apartments:

Starline Costumes
1286 Bandera Rd.

As the largest costume shop in all of San Antonio, you should be able to find a unique costume at Starline Costumes for everyone in the family, no matter their age. The store features theatrical-quality options that look spookily realistic. If you don’t plan to wear the costume more than once, you can choose to rent one of Starline’s costumes to save yourself some money.

Party City
13419 San Pedro Ave.

Party City is a huge store in San Antonio that offers costumes, party décor and favors, themed dining wear, and plenty of accessories. You will be able to come up with a fantastic costume for Halloween, and put together a celebratory bash complete with scary decorations, haunting streamers, and gory cups. At Party City you can grab a mask to go with your homemade Halloween costume, or mix-and-match available options to create an entire ensemble.

Gibson Costume Shop
111 Allensworth St. 


From elegant to horrific, you’re sure to find the perfect costume in Gibson’s wonderland of full-body outfits, head dresses, accessories, and costume makeup. This shop makes it easy to transform yourself into a gypsy, become a wicked angel, or morph into the newest concoction that nightmares are made of. Wild shoes, bedazzling jewelry, and a host of helpful store representatives can be found around Gibson Costume Shop too.

5347 W Loop N.
Suite 103

You can always create a Halloween costume from scratch. Head over to Michael’s and pick up all the accessories needed to create everything from unique witches and goblins to interesting angels and futuristic characters. If you don’t feel creative enough to come up with your own design, you can always grab a premade pattern.

Now that you have a shopping road map, all you need is a list of the things you’ll need to make your costume come to life. 

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