4 Tips for Moving a Short Distance in Fort Myers

April 18, 2016

Moving_Short_Distance_SWF.jpgAlthough short distance moves can be much easier than long distance moves, they still require planning and work. If you get lazy, you’ll end up feeling disorganized and run-down for weeks. We’ve put together four tips to help you with a short distance move in Fort Myers.

1. Analyze Your Possessions

You don't have to make an actual written inventory, but it's important to know about how much stuff you're dealing with. This will help you to know what kind of truck to rent, how many boxes to acquire, and whether or not you'll need to hire help.

If you find you have more stuff than you want, establish a plan to get rid of some possessions. You might hold a moving sale, or you can donate unused items to a local charity like Goodwill. You could also consider posting pictures of unused items on social media to see if any of your friends might want them.

2. Pack Well

It's easy to slip into this mindset: "I'm just moving a few miles. I'll just throw everything in the car and make several trips." You could try this method, but most people find this approach to be exhausting. You end up carrying items individually and spending way more time than necessary.  

Instead, use boxes for packing so you can sort, label, stack, and carry many items at the same time. If you don't want to spend money on boxes, gather them from grocery store produce departments or liquor stores. 

3. Plan to Take Care of Yourself

Help yourself by keeping necessities handy at all times. Pack a survival box filled with essentials like toiletries, your pillow, clean sheets, a change of clothes, your favorite snacks, bottles of water and important paperwork. This box can be a lifesaver when you find yourself in your new Springs Apartments home surrounded by disassembled furniture and boxes.

4. Make Arrangements for Pets

What will your pets do while you're handling the many details of your move? If you have friends in town who can keep your pets until the dust settles on your move, you won't have to deal with animals underfoot while you're moving furniture, packing and unpacking. You might also consider boarding your pets at a kennel for a few days.

Your pets will transition better if you bring them into your new apartment home after everything is put away. Once you bring your pets into your new home, introduce them to the neighbors and make sure they still have some of their old familiar things like their beds and toys. The fewer transitions they have to go through, the easier the transition will be.

Remember that we're here for you. Take a break from moving at our free coffee bar, and don't hesitate to call the on-site management team if you have questions. Do you have any suggestions to help with short-distance moves? Leave them in the comments section below!

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