Ideas for Saving Money on Furniture in Fort Myers

Jean Jones
December 28, 2015

Saving_on_Furniture_SWF.jpgDecorating your Fort Myers apartment should be fun, but if you find yourself going into sticker shock when you look at the cost of furniture, don't worry, you aren't alone. Furniture is one of the most costly parts of setting up a new home, and even in an apartment you’ll need to spend some money to get things looking like you want. Here are some practical tips you can use to find deals on furniture as you furnish your apartment home.

Shop Clearance

As furniture stores start to prepare for new inventory, they clear out the older items, marking them down, sometimes significantly. These sales tend to happen in January and July. Also, you may be able to find clearance deals on floor models, which have minor wear and tear and cannot be called "new" and must be sold for a lower price.

Consider DIY Options

Have you ever seen how cute pallet furniture looks? If you have an afternoon, and a few pallets, you may be able to make your own furniture. Of course this is just one DIY option, but jump onto Pinterest to get some great ideas for attractive, modern and affordable DIY furnishings.

Negotiate a Lower Price

Some furniture stores, especially those that are locally owned, work "wiggle room" into their pricing. If you don't ask for a discount, you’re missing out. Don't be afraid to ask for a reduced price on the furniture you want. After all, the worst that could happen is that they say "no," and chances are you’ll get at least a small discount if you simply ask.

Look for Multi-Functional Pieces

Optimizing space is important in an apartment, so look for pieces that will perform more than one function. You can save money by buying only one piece instead of two or three. An ottoman with storage space or a bed that has built-in clothing drawers are great options to consider.

Shop Online

Online retailers have fewer overhead costs than brick-and-mortar retailers, and you can find great deals on furniture as a result. Many stores even offer free shipping, so you can have your item delivered right to your apartment door!

Have you found a Fort Myers place that has furniture for a good price? Chime in using the comments below to tell us more about it!

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