The 5 Dirtiest Places in Your SWFLA Apartment That Need Some TLC

Jean Jones
September 21, 2017


This article was originally published on "Springs Your Home Blog"

Tuesday marked the official beginning of fall, and after a long summer full of fun activities, it’s time to focus on the cleaning chores you might have ignored. Cooler temperatures are right around corner, and if you’re spending more time indoors, you’ll want to make sure your living space is tidy and clean. Not only that, but with cold and flu season just a few months away, you’ll also want to make sure your apartment is as germ-free as possible. To help make sure you don’t miss any spots, we did a little research on some of the dirtiest places in every person’s home. Here are the results:

1. The Kitchen Sink

When you think about all the things that go into your kitchen sink, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the dirtiest places in your entire apartment. Not only do you store your dirty dishes in there, but think about all the times turning the faucets on and off after handling raw food as well. Not to mention the amount of germs in your sponge! Give your sink and faucet a thorough scrub down, and don’t forget to clean or replace any grimy sponges.

2. The Refrigerator

Is there a funky smell or odd stain in your refrigerator? There’s an easy fix for that. Take some time to clear the items off your shelves before wiping them down with a sponge and some soap. And if you see any spoiled food items whose colors have changed like the autumn leaves, make sure you throw them away as well.

3. Apartment Entrance

Whenever you get back to your apartment from being out and about, you probably don’t waste much time kicking off your shoes and heading to the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Because you’re only in your entryway for a few seconds, you probably don’t even realize how dirty it actually is. It’s easy to track in dust, dirt, and debris from outside, and your welcome mat doesn’t always catch it all. That being said, your entryway is the first impression for guests, so take a few minutes to sweep, mop, or vacuum any debris, as well as organizing and tidying up any shoes or other clutter.

4. The Shower

Showers and tubs can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew if they aren’t cleaned consistently. Grab a scrubber, the tile and tub cleaner of your choice (you can also make your own with soap and vinegar), and start scrubbing away! You can also rid your showerhead of any nasty buildup by soaking it in vinegar overnight.

5. Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures
Have you taken a close look at any of the ceiling fans or light fixtures in your apartment lately? If you haven’t, chances are there’s a nice buildup of dust and cobwebs up there. Grab a duster or a rag and wipe down the blades of the fan, making sure you get all the dust off the top. Likewise, take a look at your ceiling’s light fixtures – especially those encased by glass or plastic – and make sure they’re clear of any dust or dead bugs. Just remember to be careful while using any step ladders!

Hopefully these tips helped you spruce up your apartment. If you’re looking for a more detailed fall cleaning checklist, make sure you try a few from these websites.

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