Springs Apartments Guide to After-Hour Emergency Requests

Jean Jones
October 28, 2014

dont-panicImagine this scenario: you just got home from work, you’re running around trying to get dinner ready for guests who are about to arrive any minute, you stick something in the oven and start setting the table…when you notice a leak under the sink that’s slowly making a pond of your kitchen.

What do you do? You call us.

All Springs locations offer 24-hour emergency maintenance. But, what constitutes an emergency? When you call us we’ll talk about your issue and together determine if it’s something that requires immediate assistance, or if it’s something that can be resolved the following day. Here are a few examples of what would and would not be considered an emergency:

1. A clogged toilet may be considered an emergency. We ask that you first give your trusty household plunger a shot but if you still have no success, give us a call.
  • If you have more than one toilet, though, our team asks that you use the other one until the next business day when we can send a normal-scheduled team member to service your request.
  • If you’re in a studio or a one-bedroom apartment home (with only one toilet) we most certainly take your comfort and needs as our top priority. Give us a call right away.

2. A dishwasher that’s not running or not drying properly is not an emergency. We know how much easier a dishwasher makes your cleanup process, but we don’t service non-working dishwashers after hours. However, make sure to give us a call to schedule the work order and we’ll take a look on the next business day.

3. A fridge or freezer that’s not cooling is considered an emergency. Melted ice cream and defrosted chicken breasts are no fun for anyone! Give us a call as soon as you notice the appliance is not properly cooling and we’ll come out to service it.

4. Poorly or non-functioning air conditioning or heat is considered an emergency. If you ever find that your air conditioning is not keeping your home cooler than 78 degrees, or if your heat doesn’t warm your home to a temperature above 65 degrees, be sure to call us.

5. A leak coming from your ceiling may be considered an emergency.

  • During heavy rains if you notice a slight drip from your window or ceiling, we ask that you place a container to catch the drops until someone can come out to assess the cause of water intrusion.
  • If you notice water coming from any ceiling and it’s not due to rain (or if your window leak gets excessively worse during the night) be sure to call us right away.

6. A loss of power may be an emergency. First, look outside to see if the lights are on in your building. If you see that the entire complex is unlit, try calling your local power company to inquire about a wide-spread outage. Otherwise, if you’re still in the dark, give us a call. Often a technician will talk you through steps to check and/or reset your breaker box; but, if a phone consultation doesn’t fix the problem, we’ll be out to take a look.

7. An unsecured entry or faulty front door lock is considered an emergency. If you have a broken window or a deadbolt that won’t lock, call us before attempting to fix the problem yourself. Our team is trained to safely board up broken windows and has the tricks to get that key unstuck from your front door.

8. A lock out is considered an emergency. Nothing is worse than being late to work because you locked yourself out while walking the dog. We’ll come right out to open your door, but remember that all Springs locations have a lock-out fee that will be added to your ledger account.

9. A washer or dryer that’s not properly functioning is not an emergency.

  • If your Springs community does not provide the washer and dryer, please note that we do not perform washer and dryer repairs; you’ll need to contact an outside service.
  • If you do have a Springs-provided washer and dryer, a non-working machine would not constitute an emergency. We will come out the next day to assess the problem.

The 9 items listed above are just a few of the most commonly reported after-hour work order requests. Should you ever wonder about what items our team is allowed to service outside of normal office hours, don’t hesitate to contact a team member at the number provided to you upon move-in.

One final note: some maintenance requests cannot be resolved in 24 hours because we have to order parts, seek help from outside contractors or any number of other factors. But we will do our best to make you comfortable, and we will keep you informed of what is going on every step of the way!

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