10 “Can’t Kill” Houseplants That Are Perfect for Your Apartment

Jean Jones
October 30, 2014


Top decorators will tell you that a green plant or two will help your apartment feel more like home, give it a pop of color and soften angular lines with organic shapes. Studies by scientists at NASA and other institutions also suggest that houseplants can improve the quality of indoor air! That’s because plants absorb gases through pores on the surface of their leaves, including some bad ones, like carbon dioxide, benzene, and formaldehyde.

Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t fret – we’ve rounded up a list of “can’t kill” houseplants that will add to your décor without adding much in the way of responsibility. Of course, when we say “can’t kill” we don’t mean that literally – they all need regular watering and a bit of sunlight!

1. Jade plant

The unique rounded, almost fat, leaves of a jade plant are filled with water, making these desert natives able to go dormant if they don’t get enough water.

prayer-plant2. Prayer plant

The large leaves of the prayer plant feature a striking light and dark green pattern, making this houseplant an artistic addition to your apartment. Fun fact about the prayer plant: it’s leaves fold up at night, as though praying.

orchid-potted-plant3. Phalaenopsis orchid

This plant produces beautiful flowers, from white to deep, mottled purple, depending on the variety. Orchids, despite their reputation for being difficult, are actually quite content with a once-a-week watering. Best in humid climates.  Image credit: Ikea



4. Philodendron

Philodendrons grow just about anywhere in any conditions. They’re not as flashy as the 3 plants listed above (in fact, some varieties are pretty boring), but they can take low light conditions and like to be somewhat dry, so caring for them won’t stress you out. Image credit: yourdictionary.com

mother-in-law-tongue5. Mother-in-law’s tongue

This unique plant is seeing a revival (it was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s) because of its very vertical leaves, zebra-like pattern and low-maintenance needs. It’s native to the desert so it can stand being dry (i.e., forgotten about once in a while).

ghost-plant6. Ghost plant

This plant looks much like the jade plant but with smaller clustered leaves. It’s got beautiful silvery lavender-blue leaves and just asks for a bright spot and barely moist soil.

zz-plants7. ZZ plant

This plant makes a great room accent and practically thrives on neglect. It’ll forgive you for forgetting to water it, tolerates low light, and rarely needs to be fertilized.

cactus8. Cactus

There’s no plant tougher than a cactus. Because of its ability to store water and nutrients, a cactus seldom needs watering and thrives on a warm, sunny spot on a table near a south-facing window.

dragon-tree9. Dragon tree

The dragon tree is a great roommate because it’s good-looking, and isn’t high maintenance. It’s only requirements? Sun and good drainage (keep it in a pot with holes in the bottom).

aloe-vera10. Aloe

Aloe is not only useful (you can use the gel contained in its leaves as a way to reduce the sting of a minor burn), but it’s attractive, too. As a plant native to the desert, aloe doesn’t require a lot of care other than to keep it barely moist and give it plenty of sunshine. Image credit: wikihow

Not sure you’ll be a good plant parent? Select one of the plants listed above, follow its care instructions (most all plants come with care instructions), and see how it goes. Before you know it, that thumb will be green!

If you have any suggestions for low-care houseplants that add a nice touch to your apartment, share them with us, along with a picture if you have one. We’ll pass it along to our readers!

Unless otherwise noted, images courtesy of wikipedia. 

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