4 Ways to Add Color to Your Tulsa Apartment Without Paint

February 25, 2016

Adding-Color-Without-Paint-Tulsa.jpgAdding color to an apartment that's done up in neutral shades can give you a new, bright perspective on your living space. What might have seemed like just another room can become a relaxing or energizing oasis. Using "pop of color” is one of the fastest ways to further enhance the feel of your Springs at Woodlands South apartment home, and in some cases you don't need to add any extra items at all.

1. Add Art

Posters, photographs, and paintings may seem like obvious ways to add color, but not everyone uses these items. Place one large piece of art as a focal point, or use several smaller pieces to fill a large, blank wall. If the photos or art pieces are in black and white, surround them with colorful frames to add a pop of color.

2. Place Some Plants

Plants can add several shades of color to a room plus they have health benefits to boot. Having plants around can make you happier, calmer, and more efficient at what you do in the room. Just remember to keep them watered and trimmed so they thrive. Don’t have a green thumb? Artificial plants may be the way to go — just remember to keep them dusted.

3. Brighten with Pillows

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new couch or chairs to brighten a room. Adding in several brightly colored pillows can make a world of difference, and there’s almost an infinite variety to choose from. Changing pillows according to your mood or the season also can keep you from getting tired of the “same old.”

4. Dish Out The Color

If you're in the market for new dishes or accessories for the kitchen, steer away from plain white plates and buy patterned or solid-color dish sets. You also can add enameled pans in different colors and utensil crockery in bright shades.

Have you discovered additional ways to make your Springs Apartments home more colorful? Share them with us in the comments below!

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