5 Tips for Finding Apartment-mates in Tulsa

April 07, 2016

Finding-Apartment-mates-Tulsa.jpgOne of the easier ways to save money on rent is to find roommates, but locating roommates with whom you are compatible can certainly be difficult. If you're looking into the apartment homes at Springs at Woodlands South, take heart; it’s possible to find great people to share your space with. Here are five tips for finding the right match.

1. Go Digital

In addition to using websites and paper postings, you can now use apps to help you find people. EasyRoommate, for example, is free and lets you pick and choose variables to pull up matching profiles. RoomieMatch allows you to enter in what you're looking for in a roommate—including whether you're looking for an apartment—and then other people do the matching for you. On the other hand, Roomster lets you list your apartment so other people search for you, or vice versa. Remember, a new roommate will likely have to go through the resident screening process at any apartment community, including Springs.

2. Know Your Living Style

Be upfront about your tolerance for mess, noise, guests, pets, and other issues, and talk about these with each person you interview. Do you want to share food with your roommate or keep meals separate? Are you hoping to become best friends or would you prefer to live with someone who basically leaves you alone? Are you planning to have specific chore lists and days? Write out the non-negotiables and use these to find a compatible match.

3. Specify Payments

Not only should you be clear about how you plan to split the rent, but you should also be clear about what utilities and services you plan to pay. Some are a given, like electricity of course, but you also have to think about cable, shared Internet, on-demand video or sports packages, and so on. These add up very quickly, and you don't want to be stuck with bills for services you don't want.

4. Use Your Friends

Don't rely solely on apps and services—spread the word to friends, family, and co-workers that you're searching for roommates. The more people you tell, the greater the chance you’ll get a few names to contact.

5. Do Some Background Research

It's a good idea to do a brief web search for the name and social profiles of anyone you interview to be your roommate. Do your due diligence and check personal and landlord references, so you can identify any potential warning signs early on.

Have you had any luck with certain techniques for finding apartment-mates? Tell us in the comments below!

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