A Room with a View: 9 Window Fashion Tips for Your Apartment

October 23, 2018

window-fashionWhen you're decorating your Springs luxury apartment home, don't overlook the appeal and versatility of window treatments. In addition to providing style, window treatments help control the amount of heat and light that enters your home.

Express your personal style with these window fashion tips that give your home a fresh new "outlook."

Fool the Eye

Want to make the window appear larger? Use a curtain rod that's eight to 12 inches wider than the window and hang it four to six inches above the top of the frame.

Through Thick and Thin

Match the weight and texture of the drapes to the ambiance you want to create. Linen and other natural fabrics have a casual feel and let more light in, while heavier fabrics such as velvet are more dramatic and provide a greater degree of privacy.

The Long and Short of It

The high-water look doesn't suit fabric window treatments any more than it does dress slacks. Curtains and drapes should end no more than one-half inch above the floor. Artfully designed breaks and "puddles" at the bottom  can enhance your desired look.

Made in the Shade

If you prefer a contemporary look, roller shades and Roman shades fit the bill. They have a clean, minimalist appearance and they're easily raised and lowered to be set at any height. For a more traditional look, go with faux or real wood blinds in a variety of painted or wood tones.

Embrace Color

Do you love bold colors, but you're afraid to commit with a large piece of furniture? Window treatments are a perfect way to add a splash of color without overwhelming the room. If you change your mind, curtains are less expensive to replace than a couch.

Room at the Top

  • Valances are functional pieces that hide the supporting hardware for drapes and blinds, but they also provide a decorative accent and can even stand alone as a window treatment.
  • Lambrequins date back to medieval times, when they originated as a way to prevent drafts from entering around windows. They resemble valances, but extend further down along the sides. Today they come in a variety of styles, shapes and materials.

The Layered Look

Don't feel restricted to one type of window treatment. Designers often layer treatments to make the windows more of a focal point. For instance, consider the visual impact of matchstick blinds framed by a set of botanical print curtains.

Mix, Don't Match

Every room has its own function, so why use identical window treatments throughout your home? Let a room's "personality" guide your choice of window treatments for each.


No window fashion tips would be complete without a mention of accessories. Just as belts, jewelry and purses add the finishing touch to an outfit, drapery accessories such as tie-backs, curtain rings and finials create a polished look.

Share your favorite window fashion tips with us in the comments!

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