7 Creative Ways to Turn a Large Bedroom into a Cozy Nest

October 25, 2018

large-bedroom-luxury-apartmentThe spacious bedrooms in our Springs luxury apartment homes can accommodate larger beds, but it's the other decorating touches that create a total feel of comfort. Here are some of our favorite tips for transforming a spacious master bedroom into a cozy sanctuary.

Use Dark Colors

Just as light colors can make smaller rooms feel more open, darker hues can make a larger room seem more intimate. Rich jewel tones or deep earth shades add drama and depth without being oppressive.

Add an Oversized Headboard

Headboards immediately draw the eye, making them great focal points for a bedroom. Choose a headboard that extends beyond either side of the bed to give the appearance of a fuller room without actually taking up a lot of space.

Center the Bed

There's no rule that says a bed has to be placed against a wall. Make the bed the centerpiece of the room and use a storage chest or bench as a double-duty headboard.

Create Texture with Textiles

Soft, plush fabrics appeal to both the senses of sight and touch.

  • Area rugs come in an endless variety of shapes, colors and patterns to fit any decor style. And how nice is it to start the day by sinking your feet onto such comfort?
  • Get the luxe feel of a hotel room bed by layering yours with plump comforters, silky throws and an assortment of pillows.

Bedrooms Aren't Just for Beds

Sleeping isn't the only way to unwind and relax. Use the extra room to create areas such as a reading nook with a floor lamp and easy chair or a writing station with a small desk. If you like, partition the sections with a folding screen that can be moved as desired.

Lower the Eye Level

Vast areas of blank wall space can come across as cold and sterile. Fill it with creative wall decor such as tapestries, mirrors or mini-photo galleries. Hanging items lower on the wall makes the room appear more snug.

DIY Canopy

Do you love the romantic look and feel of a canopy? It's easier than you might think to create a DIY canopy that pulls the whole room together.

Share your favorite bedroom decorating tips for larger spaces in the comments!

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