4 Questions Relocation Pros Need To Ask Transfers

Jean Jones
March 03, 2015

Questions-relocation-specialists-should-askChances are good that your father and grandfather spent their years working for primarily one company. Today most people's careers are more fluid, involving moves between several different companies and even industries. 

Competition for top talent is fierce, leading many companies to provide relocation pros as a perk in the compensation package for new hires. The employer generally covers moving costs and a company-paid apartment for up to one year. Relocation pros do the legwork of locating and securing this temporary residence, saving the employee from having to research a new area.

If you're a relocation pro, the key to successful placement is matching a client with a home that matches his needs as closely as possible. Go the extra mile by including these four questions in your interview process.

1. "Do you have a pet, or are you planning to adopt one?"

It can be easy to overlook four-legged family members, since they're not allowed at many apartment communities. Bringing a pet along in a move gives a feeling of continuity, which is particularly important if the client has children.

We understand the importance of animals in family life. Our Springs Apartments communities are pet-friendly with amenities such as off-leash dog parks and pet spa areas. 

2. "Do you enjoy being involved in your community?"

Many people, especially those ages 25 to 40, prefer an active social life, but may be unsure of how to go about meeting others in a new area. Placing your client in a community that has frequent planned activities makes it easy to break the ice and meet new people.

Our team at Springs Apartments appreciates the benefits of having a close-knit community. We regularly plan events such as beer tastings that provide a casual environment for residents to mingle.

3. "How highly do you rate access to shopping and entertainment?"

While some people are homebodies, most like to get out and about, especially those willing to take on the adventure of relocating to a new area. Shopping, going out to dinner and visiting local parks are great ways to quickly become assimilated. 

Springs communities are strategically located to give residents the best of both worlds. They provide convenient access to local services, but they are also private enough to create a welcome feeling of home.

4. "How important are extra features and amenities?"

Occasionally you'll have a client who is not planning to spend much time at home. However, the majority of individuals you work with will be living in their apartment for an extended period of time. 

Quality features and amenities like black and stainless steel appliances, wood-look flooring, high ceilings, private entries, resort-style pools, car care areas, and fitness centers are found in all of our communities. Your clients will feel at home quickly, allowing them to settle in comfortably.

The more you understand what your client is looking for in a residence, the more successful you will be. Look to Springs Apartments to fulfill all their needs.

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