7 Unique Ways to Solve a Shoe Storage Problem

October 13, 2015


Does anything in your wardrobe present a more awkward apartment storage problem than shoes? Unfortunately, you can't simply fold them neatly and place them in a drawer. What you can do is use one of these clever solutions to keep footwear organized and out of the way. As a bonus, most of them also work for holding belts, scarves and other accessories.

1. Undercover Storage

Take advantage of the unused space under your bed to keep shoes hidden behind the bedskirt. You can purchase holders specifically designed for this use or repurpose an over-the-door shoe holder. 

2. Divide and Conquer

Speaking of over-the-door shoe holders, they can be used almost anywhere there is some vertical space handy. Room dividers and large screens make perfect homes for storage. 

3. Create a Shoe "Drawer"

For another way to utilize under-the-bed space, purchase a plain picture frame at least 2' x 3' in size from Ikea or an art supply store. It holds your shoes for simple slide-out access whenever needed. 

4. Double-duty Furniture

Ottomans are valuable pieces that provide external seating or table space along with internal storage. All it takes is some fabric and a staple gun to add shoe holders along the sides. The center then remains free to store other items.

5. Rustic DIY

Give new life to an old pallet by converting it to shoe "shelving." Stain or paint it to your desired look and stand it sideways, with the bottom facing a wall. The slits will hold your shoes while keeping them easily accessible.

6. 3-D Wall Art

Having difficulty finding a way to keep your high-heeled shoes in good shape? The rungs of an old ladder are just right for suspending shoes by their heels. Decorate the ladder any way you choose and lean it against a wall to create a usable piece of fun, funky home decor.

7. Build Closet "Shelving"

Tired of that jumbled free-for-all at the bottom of your closet? Use pairs of tension rods, staggered for high heels and level for flat shoes, to build "shelves." 

These 7 suggestions are sure to spark your imagination for other unique storage ideas.  Share your ideas with your Springs Apartments friends in the comments!

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