Get a Head Start on New Year's Resolutions with 9 Great Closet Organizing Tips

November 30, 2017

Great Closet Organizing TipsAre you putting off any self- or home-improvement projects until the new year? There's no time like the present to restore some order to the cluttered closets in your Springs luxury apartment home.

We'll help you get started with some top tips for efficiently organizing even the most chaotic closets.

1. Out with the Old

The most obvious place to start is by weeding out old and seldom-worn clothing. Stop hanging on to clothes in case you lose five pounds or they come back in style. Use this clever trick from Discardia to sort out which items to keep and which ones to pitch.

2. Create a Personalized System

How much time do you spend each morning looking for the right top to pair with your slacks? Organize hanging clothes based on a system that makes sense for you, whether it's arranging them by type, occasion or color.

3. Land of Misfit Clothes

When an item needs a button replaced or a torn hem sewn, do you put it back in the closet and figure you'll take care of it "someday?" Set aside a container for clothing in need of minor repairs so they don't get mixed up with ready-to-wear items.

4. Upgrade Hangers

Those cheap wire hangers that come from the dry cleaners might be convenient, but they don't do your clothes any favors. Invest in some quality clothes hangers that extend the life of your wardrobe with some TLC.

5. Think Vertical

Go up, not out. Take advantage of otherwise unused space with closet accessories such as over-the-door hooks and organizers or stackable plastic drawers.

6. Multiply Space

Use these simple hacks to maximize available hanging space:

7. Divide and Conquer

Use shelf dividers to keep stacks of sweaters and other folded items from collapsing into a messy heap.

8. Double Up on Shelves

Instantly double shelf space by hanging additional shelves or baskets underneath.

9. Shine a Light

There are a number of simple ways to add lighting to a closet without complicated wiring. It won't add any space, but it's easier to stay organized when you can see what's what.

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