Tips for Choosing Between a 2- and 3-Bedroom Apartment in Austin

Jean Jones
June 20, 2017

Choosing Between 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartment in AustinDeciding between a two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartment? There are several important factors to take into account to ensure you choose an apartment that suits your needs. Here are some questions to ask to help guide your decision.

1. What is the size of your household?

If you have more than one child, will they be able to share a room, or are you better off giving each their own space?

Are you considering roommates? If so, how many roommates would you like? Although a three-bedroom apartment yields a higher rent, your monthly cost would be roughly the same as a two-bedroom with a second roommate added into the equation.

2. Do you work from home?

You'll be much more productive working from home if you have a defined space to serve as your home office. Even if your household only requires a two-bedroom apartment, a third bedroom can serve as a home office you can close off from the rest of your apartment home.

3. Do you frequently have out-of-town visitors?

Austin is one of the most desirable cities to visit in the country. There are a number of nationally recognized events such as the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in March and Austin City Limits Festival in October that bring a lot of visitors into town. If you frequently have out-of-town visitors, a third bedroom will give them a comfortable place to sleep. When you're not using the guest room, the space can serve as your home office. 

4. What is your budget?

The most important consideration to make when searching for an apartment is your budget. If you're on a budget and have roommates, splitting the rent three ways rather than two might make a 3-bedroom apartment an economical choice. On the other hand, if you’re living with one roommate and comfortable spending more on rent, a third bedroom could come in handy as a guest room, office, or rec room.

5. Are you suited to having more than one roommate?

Would adding a third roommate to the mix create too much chaos in your home life, or are you someone who feels the more people, the merrier? Answering this question can quickly help you decide whether a two- or three-bedroom option suits your personality.

Our Springs at Lakeline and Springs at Round Rock apartment communities feature 3D floor plans that provide you with a unique opportunity to visualize the flow of our two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments before you even step foot in one of our communities. Regardless of which floor plan you choose, our amenities such as a resort-style swimming pool, state-of-the-art fitness center, and private entries will make you feel right at home in your Austin apartment home.

Which factors did you take into consideration to help you decide between a two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartment? Let us know in the comments below!New Call-to-action

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