4 Tips for Choosing Bradenton or Sarasota Movers

March 01, 2016

Choosing-Movers-BS.jpgIf the Springs Apartments communities in Bradenton or Sarasota have caught your eye, then you’re probably going to be in the market for movers very soon. Hiring a professional crew can give you valuable peace of mind knowing your belongings will arrive safe and sound – but how do you evaluate movers to know which is best? Here are four simple tips to help you pick the most appropriate mover for your needs.

1. Gather Referrals

Before you jump on the computer to search for a mover, ask friends and co-workers whom they’d recommend. If they’ve used a mover they’ll have experience with the things that matter most: cost, reliability, and attention to detail. Once you get some personal recommendations you can look online to validate what you’ve heard.

2. Narrow the Field

Before you call any movers for an estimate, narrow down your choices, as contacting too many can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Use phone interviews, Internet reviews and information from the Better Business Bureau or sites like Angie's List to narrow the field to two or three options you’re comfortable with.

3. Get Estimates the Right Way

An estimate is an essential part of the comparison process, but don't settle for one given via phone. Movers price their services based on the number (and sometimes type) of items they’re moving, and phone estimates may not be honored once they see firsthand what you have. Ask the two or three movers you’ve chosen come to your home or apartment to itemize your belongings before providing an estimate. When they arrive, be sure you show them everything you want them to move, including items stored in cabinets, closets and storage areas.

Before simply choosing the mover with lowest estimate, verify which type of estimate the mover is offering – non-binding, binding or guaranteed-not-to-exceed. Non-binding estimates are based on weight and can change if the movers estimated the weight poorly. “Binding” means it’s a guaranteed estimate and should not change. “Guaranteed-not-to-exceed” puts a cap on the estimate, so the final price could be less.

Also, be sure to get the estimate in writing and have the moving company outline what services the estimate includes. Some will include nothing more than loading and unloading the truck, while others offer some packing, unpacking and furniture knockdown and setup.

4. Ask For and Use References

Ask the mover for references, and be sure to call those references before you make a final decision. You can also check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to confirm data on the company to ensure you’re working with one that’s legitimate and carries the proper insurance.

At Springs at Braden River, Springs at Palma Sola and Springs at Bee Ridge we look forward to welcoming you to your new apartment home. If you need mover recommendations or advice, please contact us!

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