Plan a Smooth Move for You and Your Pets to Bradenton-Sarasota

August 08, 2017

Smooth Move for Your Pet in Bradenton SarasotaRelocating to a new apartment home is difficult for anyone in the family. However, the transition can be doubly challenging for pets. Your furry friends don’t have the chance to prepare themselves mentally for what’s ahead. They simply find themselves in a new home, struggling to reorient themselves to the change.

Use these tips to help your pets acclimate quickly and get comfortable in their new space.

1. Take Your Pet for a Visit

If possible, schedule your move so you have a week or so with access to both homes. Take your pets over for a visit with you. Spend a few hours in your new apartment cleaning, decorating or setting up essential areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Return to your previous home at the end of the day, so your pet isn’t thrown into the transition too quickly.

2. Create a Familiar Environment

Make sure your pet’s belongings are among the first things you unpack and setup. Easy access to food and water bowls, toys and a cozy sleeping space will make your pet feel more at home. Keep these things in a similar part of house as before to help your pet orient itself to the new place. If your dog slept in your bedroom before, keep her bed in your bedroom now, even if you plan to move her to another room later.

3. Pet-Proof the Home for Safety

Our apartments are extremely pet friendly, with easy-to-clean hardwood-style floors and private patios or balconies in select homes. However, it’s still important to go through your new home with a critical eye to ensure your pet’s safety. Childproof latches can keep your pets from nosing open cabinets with hazardous contents inside. Trash cans should be covered and secured in a cabinet or corner. Block off the space behind appliances, where small frightened animals may hide.

In an unusual home, your pets may engage in unusual behavior. Dogs can become destructive, while cats prefer to find small places to hide. Prepare for the unexpected and do all you can to keep your pets safe.

4. Explore Your New Community

Give your pets a few days to get used to their new home, then branch out to explore your new neighborhood.  Leash-free pet playgrounds and pet spa areas are standard at Springs at Braden River as well as our Springs at Bee Ridge and Springs at Palma Sola communities. You’ll find plenty to enjoy as you get familiar with your new community.

Are you a Springs pet owner? Share your top tips and favorite apartment features with other community members in the comments section below.New Call-to-action

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