9 Things to Borrow or Rent Rather Than Buy

August 03, 2017


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Is your Springs luxury apartment home cluttered with items you've purchased for one-time or infrequent use? Before you buy, check out this list of items that are more economical to borrow or rent.

1. Power Tools

Yes, you should certainly have a basic tool kit including items like screwdrivers, hammers and pliers. But do you really need to have a drill or sander on hand at all times? You probably know at least one person who's handy with repairs from whom you can borrow larger tools.

2. Camping Equipment

Unless you're truly hardcore, you probably don't go camping more than a handful of times a year. Is it really worth having bulky items such as tents, coolers and camping stoves taking up room in your valuable storage space?

3. Books

A library card is your no-cost ticket to a virtually endless supply of books, newspapers, magazines and other resources. Most libraries also provide access to a growing list of e-books and other digital media.

4. Party Supplies

Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner party or a big holiday bash, you don't need to keep enough supplies in your cabinets to entertain an army. There are a number of stores that rent a full selection of party supplies, from dishes and glassware to folding chairs and tables.

5. Luggage

How often do you go on a trip that requires an entire suite of luggage? Keep an overnight bag and perhaps a single larger suitcase, but borrow other pieces as needed.

6. Baby Items

Kids grow so quickly that the window of time for using baby items is incredibly short. Friends or relatives are likely sources for car seats, swings, high chairs, and even clothes and toys.

7. Formal Wear

As our society becomes more casual, there are fewer events than ever that require a tuxedo or evening gown. Special occasion clothing should always be borrowed or rented.

8. Musical Instruments

Several orchestras could be outfitted with musical instruments that have been purchased by or for people who later lost interest. Until you're sure that you or your child is going to stick with those lessons, you're better off renting an instrument.

9. Video Games and DVDs

You can only play one video game or watch one DVD at a time. If you have a specific favorite that's going to get a lot of regular use, go ahead and buy. Otherwise, save on space and money by renting or borrowing.

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