Which Is Right for You? 3 Considerations for Our 1- and 2-Bedroom Apartments in Bradenton and Sarasota

April 08, 2016

1-And-2-Bedroom-Apartments-BS.jpgOur Springs Apartments communities in Sarasota and Bradenton are known for their spacious floor plans. Yet, when it comes time to make a choice between our one- and two-bedroom apartment homes, you may find yourself wondering which is best for you. Here are some considerations that will make it easier for you to make this important decision.

1. What’s My Lifestyle?

Do you work from home a lot, or are you traveling all the time? Do you have a roommate/kids, or do you live by yourself? If you need your own workspace—or just more personal space—a second bedroom is ideal as an office, multi-purpose room, or simply another bedroom. However, if it’s just you, and you aren’t home all the time, a one-bedroom apartment should suit your needs.  

2. What Works Best With My Budget?

Adding an extra bedroom might move an apartment outside of your budget range. If that’s the case, note the difference in rent between a one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment, and compare the extra rent cost to the benefits a second bedroom would provide. Can you justify paying the higher rent price after weighing the pros and cons? One of the best things about Springs Apartments is that even our smallest floor plans are spacious in design, so you feel like you have the space you need.

3. How Long Do I Plan to Stay?

Are you considering your apartment a permanent residence, or will you only be staying here temporarily? If you’re just using the apartment home as a transitional housing option, you may want to save a little money by choosing a one-bedroom. If you plan on settling in for a few years, however, a second bedroom allows you to move in comfortably and have additional space for the future.

Choosing an apartment is a big decision. Carefully consider these three factors to make sure you’ve found the best option for your needs.

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