Buy Now or Buy Later? A Handy Guide to Furnishing Your First Apartment

August 31, 2017

First Apartment Buy or Rent FurnitureMoving into your first apartment at one of our Springs luxury communities is exciting, but the reality of furnishing it is a definite buzzkill. The process doesn't have to be intimidating when you use our handy guide of what to buy now and what to buy later.


Mattress and Frame

You might think that sleeping on an air mattress or in a sleeping bag adds a cool, outdoorsy vibe, but it gets old really fast. Now that you're leading a grownup life, you'll appreciate the value of a good night's sleep.


It's hard to get truly comfortable when you're sitting on the floor for long stretches of time. With a little effort you can find some attractive couches that won't put a dent in your budget. You could also go the second-hand route through sources like eBay, Craigslist or local thrift and resale shops.


This may come as a shock, but not every food item is microwave-friendly. Invest in at least two frying pans and two pots. Choose high-quality brands that will be serviceable for several years to come.


Overhead lighting is fine for general purposes, but it's not suited for reading, computer work or other activities. Combine natural light and some well-placed lighting fixtures to create a customized ambiance.

Tool Kit

You'll have a tough time assembling furniture or completing minor repairs without a basic tool kit.



Fortunately, a headboard is not a requirement for a good night's sleep. You can easily put off this purchase until you're a little more established.


Area rugs are a nice decorative touch, but they're not essential. The hardwood-style floors in our Springs luxury apartment homes are both practical and stylish.


You're still finding your individual style, so chances are that something you love today won't be quite as appealing five years from now. Dress up the walls with some favorite photos and inexpensive posters and save the premium pieces for down the road.

Dining Table and Chairs

Entertaining is not a priority, so unless you intend on throwing lavish dinner parties right from the start, you can get away with a couch and a set of tray tables for at least a while.

Expensive Linens

Sure, those 500-thread count sheets and Egyptian cotton towels are indulgent and luxurious, but you can sleep and dry off just fine with less expensive styles. Why not treat yourself to a set of towels or sheets as a reward for attaining a major goal?

One accessory that every apartment should have is renters insurance. The few dollars a month you'll spend are well worth the peace of mind you'll have.

What was the first major purchase you made when you moved away from home? Let us know in the comments!New Call-to-action

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