Changing Addresses? 9 Places to Notify Immediately

December 28, 2017

Places to Notify when Changing AddressesAfter your name, your address is the most basic piece of information used for identification. If this data isn't kept current, the result can be problems ranging from missing magazine issues to invalidated auto insurance.

As you move into one of our Springs luxury apartment communities, use this checklist to make sure you submit a change of address wherever necessary.

1. Post Office

While technology has made "snail mail" less important, the post office is still at the top of everyone's address change list. But don't take the lazy way out and stop there. There's less risk of mix-ups if you submit individual address changes as well.

2. Department of Licensing and Motor Vehicles

Your driver's license is the primary document used as proof of residence. In addition, you could be subject to tickets and fines for having the wrong address on your driver's license and car registration. Rules differ in each state, with most providing a grace period ranging from 10 to 30 days to make the changes.

3. Utilities

It doesn't do much good to have power in your new apartment while you're still paying for usage in your old one. Notify all relevant utilities, including power, water, trash, internet and cable.

4. Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and credit unions, credit card providers and loan holders are obvious, but don't forget insurance companies (life, health, auto and renters) and investments such as 401(k)s and stocks.

5. Service Providers

Notify doctors, dentists, veterinarians, attorneys and other professionals you interact with on a regular basis.

6. Memberships and Subscriptions

Submit a change of address as soon as possible for any magazine subscriptions you have as well as post office boxes, self-storage units, retail clubs such as Costco or Sam’s Club, professional associations and social organizations.

7. Tech Devices

Siri can't find your way home unless you have an updated address in your smartphone. Be sure to change any other mapping services you may use, including Google and Apple.

8. Online Shopping Sites

Update any shipping information stored with Amazon, eBay and other online retailers.

9. Family and Friends

Social media is convenient, but a little too public for most people's preferences. Notify family and friends via phone call or email, or go old-school and send out formal moving announcements.

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