4 Chicago Food Blogs You Should Be Reading

Jean Jones
May 12, 2016

Food-Blogs-Chicagoland.jpgIf you need a little recipe inspiration, or are looking for a new restaurant to try near your apartment home, consider following one of our favorite Chicago food blogs. From recipe tips to reviews of local restaurants, they’ll teach you all things about food, and give you inspiration in the kitchen!

1. Back for Seconds

While this is not the food blog for Chicagoans on a diet, “Back for Seconds” has some of the best dessert recipes you’ll find on the Internet. Stephanie, the blog's author, is an avid chef and self-proclaimed chocoholic. She posts a new recipe every weekend, and also has a recipe index where you can search for your favorites. While the vast majority of the recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth, you'll also find some healthy options, such as the recently posted Healthy Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies.

2. ChefDruck

If you’re looking for a blog that reviews restaurants and offers great recipes—often including locally-grown food—then “ChefDruck” is just the blog for you. Written by a foodie mom, you’ll read about the latest and greatest restaurants in Chicago, while also getting ideas to try in your own kitchen, such as her boy-tested and approved cookies. As an added bonus, you can get reviews of cookbooks and other foodie books you might want to add to your library. ChefDruck updates at least once per month, but not on a regular schedule, so check back often.

3. Chicago Alphabet Soup

“Chicago Alphabet Soup” is the brainchild of Gino Williams, a Windy City photographer with a love for international cuisine. Not only can you find recipes here, but you’ll also find a review of every ethnic restaurant in the city. Whether you’re hungry for Indian food, need some spicy Mexican or are interested in trying the flavors of Peru, choose your next new favorite with help from Mr. Williams. He updates the blog whenever he checks out a restaurant—often several times per month—and his photography skills will make you drool over the dishes he tries!

4. Dining at My Desk

We all know that dining out doesn't always mean you’re headed out for an elegant dinner. Sometimes, “dining out” happens at your desk while chasing deadlines. “Dining at My Desk” talks about the best office-friendly dining joints in Chicago, so you can mix it up as you enjoy your lunch in the office this week. Be sure to bookmark this one, as blogger Katie Carrico is quite entertaining to read and provides updates every other week! Check out this recent review of Porkchop.

Do you have a favorite Chicago blog that appeals to foodies? Let us know in the comments so the rest of the Springs Apartments community can check it out!

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