3 Places to Adopt a Pet Near North Aurora and Romeoville

May 09, 2016

Adopt-a-Pet-Chicagoland.jpgIf you’re looking for a cute and cuddly cat or dog for your pet-friendly Springs Apartments home, it’ll help to start focusing your search on a well-established adoption center. We’ve put together a list of three locations near North Aurora and Romeoville that can help you find the best furry friend for your apartment home.

1. Adopt-A-Pet, Inc.
P.O. Box 408, Mount Prospect

There's more to finding a “purrfect” match between an animal and a pet adopter than meets the eye on an application, and Adopt-a-Pet wants prospective caregivers to know this upfront. Being at least 21 years old with a verifiable permanent address is a prerequisite, and all adults in the household must give their consent to a pet adoption and pledge to contribute to caring for the pet as well.

Adopters also must “provide the pet a safe and pleasant environment with love and attention and not leave the pet alone for long hours without another animal or human for companionship.” Adopt-a-Pet takes its mission seriously and has the track record to prove it, as it has placed more than 15,000 pets in homes throughout northern Illinois.

2. DuPage County Animal Control
130 N County Farm Rd, Wheaton

DuPage County enjoys a state-wide reputation as being a proactive, professional and first-class organization, and that reputation carries over directly to its adoption division. Prospective adopters should call 630-407-2800 to make an appointment—a precursor to completing an application—and then visit a kennel that houses cats, dogs and even rabbits and guinea pigs. If you need further proof of DuPage County's professionalism, look no further than its ongoing kennel renovation project.

3. West Suburban Humane Society
1901 W Ogden Ave, Downers Grove

Here's a society that makes no bones about its thoroughness. Potential adopters follow a streamlined process: They visit the society's animals in-person or online. Then they must fill out an application, spend “quality time” with their favored pet and meet with a staff member to discuss whether the adoption is a wise move. After these steps are complete, the society places the animal on a 24-hour hold so potential adopters can mull the decision overnight. That's thoroughness, but that's also what longtime volunteers say they respect most about this society.

Have you adopted from any other local shelters? Let us know in the comments!

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