Choosing Between a 2- and 3-Bedroom Apartment in Chicagoland? 5 Factors to Consider

July 31, 2017

Choosing Between 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartment ChicagolandSo you're moving into one of our Springs Chicagoland luxury apartment communities but can't decide between a two-bedroom or three-bedroom floor plan. There are actually more factors to consider than a simple head count.

Here's a helpful look at some basic lifestyle elements and which floor plan is best suited to accommodate them.

1. Family and Roommates

Yes, there are other criteria to evaluate, but the number of people in your home is still the most elementary way to choose between two and three bedrooms.

  • More households today share their homes with extended family. According to the Census Bureau, nearly 15 percent of millennials live with their parents, while nine percent (and growing) of seniors live in a household headed by other family members.
  • If two can live as cheaply as one, three is even better! Splitting the rent of a three-bedroom between three people is less expensive per person than sharing a two-bedroom with one other person.
  • Think about future needs as well. Are you planning any upcoming additions to your family?

2. Social Activities

  • Do you enjoy throwing holiday gatherings or weekend get-togethers? An extra bedroom would provide additional space for guests to mingle more comfortably. If you host a lot of dinner parties, you could even use the space as a formal dining room.
  • If you have a lot of family and friends out-of-town, they would be more comfortable in a guest room than on a pull-out sofa bed in the living room.

3. Work and Play

  • With 4% of its workforce based primarily in their homes, Chicago ranks 11th among major U.S. metro areas in telecommuting. If you're part of that group, wouldn't it be nice to have a dedicated office space in your apartment?
  • When it comes to leisure time, an extra room can also be valuable. It can be turned into a man cave, art studio or sewing room to accommodate your favorite pastimes. 

4. Storage

Maybe you're an avid skier or you participate in other activities that require supplies and equipment. Having a third bedroom to use as storage can be less costly than renting an off-site unit.

5. Budget

Rent is a fixed expense for the term of your lease, so make sure the floor plan you choose fits well within your budget.

Your comfort and satisfaction is our main priority. That's why Springs at Orchard Road and Springs at Weber Road have video tours and 3D floor plans that you can view from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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