The Best Places for Ice Cream Near North Aurora and Romeoville

July 25, 2016

Ice_cream_Chicagoland.jpgIf you’re in the mood for an icy treat but want something a little more special than what’s in your freezer, you’ll find several delicious options to choose from near Springs at Orchard Road and Springs at Weber Road. Try one of these four delicious picks to satisfy your cravings:

1. Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store
2274 Route 30, Oswego

If you’re looking for fresh ice cream made from the milk of family-owned dairy farms, you’ll find a wholesome and welcome bite at the Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store. The Oberweis Dairy milk for this ice cream is mixed with cream, sugar, and other ingredients before the pasteurization process to enhance the flavor, and the pasteurized product is agitated for 24 hours to produce a rich, creamy finish.

The Fountain Treat menu features decadent treats like peanut butter sundaes, frozen coffee, frostbites with custom mix-ins, and more. Whether you’re in the mood for a fruity banana mango smoothie or a triple scoop dulce de leche cone, this ice cream spot will satisfy your craving.

2. Batavia Creamery
4 N Island Ave, Batavia

At the Batavia Creamery, you can pick up a cone, sundae, shaved ice, shake, malt, or novelty treat. This small, family-owned parlor offers a quaint pick when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. The creamery offers 44 diverse flavors to choose from on any given day, with more than 100 flavors in the total rotation. About 5 to ten of the total flavors rotate out in a given week, so there’s always something new to enjoy.

3. Andy’s Frozen Custard
260 S Weber Rd, Bolingbrook

Though you can now find Andy’s Frozen Custard shops throughout the Midwest, the Bolingbrook location was the first in the Chicagoland area and only the 11th in the country. Andy’s creations are based on vanilla or chocolate custard and feature a variety of mix-ins, including strawberries, chocolate chips, mint syrup, peanut butter, espresso, cookies, and more. Feel free to order straight from the menu, or create your own masterpiece!

4. Cold Stone Creamery
72 S Weber Rd, Romeoville

Cold Stone Creamery is a familiar classic that you can find around the country. If you’re itching for one of their signature creations, you’ll find all your favorites at the nearby Romeoville location, just 10 minutes from Springs at Weber Road. If you’re new to the Cold Stone brand, these ice cream connoisseurs blend your own custom creations on the cold stone that the joint was named for. Start with your favorite flavor and mix-in tasty options like apple pie filling, gummy bears, pineapple tidbits, roasted almonds, and more.

What’s your favorite ice cream place in the area? Share your top parlors and picks in the comments section below.

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