The Top 5 Best Local Chicago Lifestyle Blogs

February 13, 2017

the-top-5-best-local-chicago-lifestyle-blogs.jpgFollowing local blogs is a great way to learn more about the best places and events in the Chicago area. Whether you're new to the Windy City or have called Chicago home for a few years, these blogs will inspire you to get out there and explore all that the city has to offer.

1. Eater Chicago

Are you stuck in a restaurant rut? Hop over to Eater Chicago where you'll discover reviews of the city's hottest eateries, including announcements when new restaurants arrive on the scene. There are multiple posts per day featuring an array of establishments from fine dining restaurants to hot dog stands. Start with January's post "Where to Eat Brunch in Chicago Right Now," and go from there.

2. Chicago Food Girl

This friendly, more personal blog written by Mina, a Chicago marketer and food lover, offers everything from local restaurant reviews to recipe tips. Chicago Food Girl visits and posts about a lot of restaurant in The Loop, especially as new ones open. She has also written helpful posts advising readers which restaurants are the best choices for certain holidays, where to go on date night and where to find unique menus. This is the perfect blog for dedicated foodies who enjoy dining out as much as eating in.

3. Local Loop

If you love discovering new bands and following your favorites, then Local Loop is the perfect Chicago blog for you. This blog follows the Windy City's music scene, often posting about the best emerging local artists and their successes. For example, in December of 2016, they posted about the best local releases of the year. They also review local shows, both by small emerging artists and big names, and post news about local record store openings and sales.

4. The CHICago Life Blog

This blog is written for a female audience, but anyone who is interested in local events and Chicago celebrities is sure to find some useful posts. The author posts interviews with Chicago natives, giving you insight into how others live in the city. In the "Home" tab, you'll find photos and descriptions of Chicago homes that may serve as inspiration for decorating your own apartment. To top it off, CHICago Life Blog reviews new restaurants and offers entertaining tips.

5. The Chicagolite

The Chicagolite bills itself as a luxury lifestyle blog, but it's full of everyday information about topics ranging from volunteering in Chicago to local art exhibits. They post an average of once a week and sometimes more often when big events and exhibits are coming to the city. The author, Kori Coleman, is a freelance entertainment and lifestyle correspondent who loves the finer things in life and aims to help her readers discover them, too.

Great blogs like these surely make it easier to find fun things to do and places to see in the city! What are your favorite local Chicago blogs to read? Share them with other readers in the comments section.

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