The 5 Best Gyms Near Springs at Liberty Township and Springs at West Chester

January 17, 2017

the-5-best-gyms-near-springs-at-liberty-township-and-springs-at-west-chester.jpgSprings at Liberty Township and Springs at West Chester feature 24-hour fitness centers, along with a yoga and Pilates area. While this convenience can’t be beat, there are also a variety of gyms and fitness centers where you can broaden your workout experience. Here are five of our favorites:

West Chester

World Gym
9481 Princeton Glendale Rd

While so many gyms in the area are focused on cardio, World Gym is geared towards providing a well-rounded workout experience. The gym offers a wide selection of weights and equipment, which is ideal for anyone looking to build some serious muscle in the new year. Another advantage to World Gym is that it offers a separate area for completing Crossfit-like workouts. For a fair price (approximately $20 a month), World Gym could be your destination to prepare for swimsuit season.

Orangetheory Fitness
7641 Voice of America Centre Dr

Orangetheory Fitness offers a different approach to fitness than you would find in your typical gym. One of the hottest fitness movements in the industry, Orangetheory Fitness provides 60-minute workouts split between intervals of cardio and strength training. For added motivation, participants use heart rate monitors to track intensity and maximize the calorie burn. No contract is required, and members have the option to choose from three different fitness packages to meet their health goals and budgets.

West Chester Fit Body Boot Camp
7334 Tylers Corner Dr
West Chester Township

If you're someone who needs a good kick in the behind to get motivated about fitness, you'll enjoy the West Chester Fit Body Boot Camp. This 45-minute personal training program will get you in the best shape of your life and will have you eating better, too.

Liberty Township

Anytime Fitness
5501 Liberty Square Dr
Liberty Township

Anytime Fitness provides you with the opportunity to get an all-encompassing workout for an affordable price any time you want (open 24 hours). The gym is staffed with professional trainers who can help you meet your fitness goals and push you to the max. If you travel frequently, you can benefit from having access to more than 3,000 locations so you can stick to your workout schedule away from home.

CycleBar Liberty Township
7308 Yankee Rd
Liberty Township

Spinning is one of the best cardio workouts that will allow you to experience a massive cardio burn. CycleBar offers a premium indoor spinning experience with a variety of themed classes such as "Wine Down Wednesday" and "Gourmet Coffee: The Mojo Ride" to help you reach your fitness goals and have fun doing it. Spinning shoes are provided free of charge to participants, so all you have to do is show up!

What are your favorite gyms around West Chester and Liberty Township? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below!

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