4 Things to Consider When Renting with Pets in Cincinnati

January 24, 2017

4-things-to-consider-when-renting-with-pets-in-cincinnati.jpgWhen you’re looking for a new apartment home, it’s important to consider everyone in your family—including your pets. If you’re planning on renting with a pet, be sure to keep the following in mind:1. Restrictions May Apply

Every community has its own rules and restrictions governing pets (e.g., dog size and breed), so you’ll want to inquire about your prospective community’s pet policy. Our Springs Apartments communities are extremely pet-friendly, but we still have restrictions on certain dog breeds, and also require all birds and exotic pets to remain in their appropriate cage or tank at all times.

2. Some Pets Should Interview

Depending on the breed of your dog, management may ask to “interview” your pet before approving your application. This is a simple meet and greet process apartment communities use to make sure all animals are friendly and well behaved. You can prep for your pet interview by giving Fido a bath, trimming up his nails, and brushing up on your obedience training.

3. An Organized File Helps

There are several important pieces of documentation you’ll want to include a single file or folder so they’re easily accessible. This should include veterinary, registration, and vaccination records, along with proof of appropriate liability insurance. Make sure all pets are included under your renter’s insurance policy, and ask the management of your prospective apartment community whether additional coverage is required for exotic pets like reptiles and amphibians.

4. You’ll Find Added Fees

Some communities charge a one-time deposit which help cover cleaning and repairs related to pets after you move. Others have a monthly pet “rent,” which helps with the expenses associated with maintaining pet amenities like the leash-free fenced pet playground at Springs at West Chester and Springs at Liberty Township. Be sure to inquire about all additional expenses for your pets so you can compare apartment communities.

Do you have experience renting with a pet? Would you add any other considerations to this list? Let your fellow pet lovers know in the comments below!

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