4 Tips For Making The Most of Corpus Christi (or any new city!)

Jean Jones
(June 05, 2014)


If you’ve recently relocated to Corpus Christi or are about to make that move, you’re probably wondering how you’ll make this city a home you’ll love. Here are a few tips from the Springs experts!

1. Do your research.

Take some time to learn everything you can about Corpus Christi attractions, find what travelers have said about the city and their favorite places (tripadvisor.com is a great resource for this), and understand what the city itself promotes about Corpus Christi (you’ll find good information on www.cctexas.com under “Residents”). Putting some effort into getting a full picture of the city will help you see all the positives and identify some of the activities you’ll want to take part in.

2. Talk to your neighbors.

Take advantage of the experience other residents have with the city and ask the questions that are most on your mind, like, “What’s a good casual restaurant that’s locally owned?” or “Can you recommend a nightclub that’s somewhat on the quiet side?” This will give you answers you need and get you a little more familiar with your neighbors, a first-step in establishing bonds in your new city.

3. Get out and about.

One of the best ways to get a feel for a city is to drive around it. Get out a map and start a half-day journey so you can see – not just read about – neighborhoods, shopping areas, uptown/downtown sites, parks, attractions and other points of interest. Once you find spots you like, frequent them and begin to establish routines.

4. Ask your apartment management staff.

A great residential community will have an on-site team with answers to all of your questions about the city. Rely on them to make recommendations and point out features of the city you may have missed. 

Now that you know more about the city, make the most of it by:

  • Trying at least one new restaurant a month – pick the one within your budget that’s gotten the best reviews (or try one that serves a type of ethnic food you’ve never eaten)
  • Doing one thing each month that you’ve never done, like visiting an art gallery, walking a nature path or volunteering at an animal shelter
  • Take a class to learn how to do something new. Many small local businesses offer classes in photography, cooking, art, music and dozens of other interests, any of which could become a passion!
  • Don’t miss a chance to meet people. Springs properties offer multiple opportunities throughout the year to get together with neighbors through fun planned activities, like beer tastings and cookouts. You might just make your new best friend at gatherings like these!

Want to know more about Corpus Christi? Stop by the Springs at Corpus Christi apartment management office and a team member will be happy to share thoughts and ideas!

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