4 Unique Uses For Springs at Corpus Christi's Community Room

Jean Jones
(July 29, 2014)


One of the questions we frequently get about Springs at Corpus Christi is, “What can the community room be used for?” and related questions about rules, hours, etc. All newcomers to Springs have almost certainly toured this space prior to joining the community, but may not realize the variety of uses the space offers.

For those of you who might find yourself in need of a place to gather with friends and family, here are some of the ways residents have found to take advantage of this popular amenity:

1. Baby or Wedding Showers

Because our community room is outfitted with lots of comfortable furniture, surfaces ideal for serving food and beverages, a refrigerator, and tables and chairs, it makes a great space to host a baby or wedding shower.

3. Parties

Whether it’s a birthday, retirement, anniversary, graduation, engagement – or any other – party, this room could be the place to host to it! Alcohol can be served in the room, but the room reservation requires residents to sign a waiver reinforcing their responsibility for the actions of guests.

3. Meetings

The community room makes a great place to hold casual meetings. We limit use of the room to those who are not “conducting commerce.” Two examples of non-commerce-related meetings are a book club or parent/teacher meeting. We offer modified setups and will arrange furniture to accommodate your needs, and the room has free Wi-Fi. Residents who reserve the room are required to make a small, refundable deposit.

4. Affinity Group Gatherings

Some of our residents are part of casual, non-formalized groups that enjoy getting together to learn more about a craft or practice a hobby, for example. If your group is large, additional chairs can be brought into the room to accommodate either “face forward” setups or those that are more conversational. We do a quick inspection with residents before use to ensure they feel everything is in order, then again afterwards to see everything is left as it should be for the next resident and their guests.

Usage Guidelines:

We’re proud of this amenity at Springs at Corpus Christi (and many of the other Springs communities around the country), and happy that residents make use of it regularly.

Usage guidelines associated with the community room are simple (reserve it and leave it in clean and orderly being primary among them) and ensure every resident and guest will have maximum enjoyment of these spaces. The room is available for reservation after 6 p.m. Monday-Friday, after 5 p.m. on Saturdays, and after 4 p.m. on Sundays. Please ask the office for pricing details.

What would you like to use the community room for – but maybe didn’t think to ask? If you’ve used one of the rooms, we’d love to hear Springs at Corpus Christi residents’ feedback – and see your pictures!

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