8 Reasons to Take Your Kids to Cole Park in Corpus Christi

Jean Jones
(July 28, 2015)


With the ever-increasing prices of entertainment venues such as movie theaters, has it become difficult for you to find places for a family-friendly outing? The answer is just minutes away at Corpus Christi's Cole Park.

This beautiful facility and its numerous activities are free of charge. Here are eight more reasons why Cole Park should be a regular destination for you and your kids.

1. The Spacious Playground

The super-sized modular playground at Cole Park is without a doubt the main draw. Kids can stay busy for hours on the colorful structures including slides, bridges and tunnels. The surface is designed to prevent injuries when an energetic child takes a spill.

2. The Fishing

Cole Park features a pier where the kids can have fun fishing. Most of the catches are small, but for little ones, that's almost beside the point. The success alone is thrilling enough!

3. The Skate Park

Older kids have a great place to practice their skateboarding moves. The skate park gets high marks from users and spectators alike.

4. Scenic Views

Thanks to its bayfront location, the park provides stunning views of the water and downtown Corpus Christi. Your kids can enjoy fresh air, sunshine and other benefits of nature in the middle of a bustling urban area.

5. Birdwatching

Cole Park is a favorite for birdwatchers due to the egrets, herons, terns and other varieties that call it home. Get a birdwatchers' guide and a pair of binoculars and make a game out of identifying the different types.

6. Picnic Facilities

If you manage to tear the kids away from the playground long enough, there are picnic tables and a grill where you can all take a break for a delicious lunch. Vendors are on site with snacks and beverages if you're there for a shorter visit.

7. Anderson Amphitheater

The charming amphitheater hosts a variety of events throughout the year. In the summer it's the site of the Bay Jammin' Concert and Cinema series on Thursday and Friday evenings. All movies screened are family-friendly and the musical acts are an eclectic mix of rock, country, pop, R&B, jazz and blues.

8. Free WiFi

Okay, this is more for you than the kids. But you'll have connectivity for your smart phone, tablet and e-reader so you can stay in touch.

Cole Park is located at 1900 Ocean Drive. There is ample parking and a concrete walkway around the park grounds. 

We'd love to hear about your experiences at Cole Park! Let us know in the comments.

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