School Time Without Stress: A Survival Guide for Corpus Christi Parents

Jean Jones
(August 23, 2016)

New_School_Year_CC.jpgSchooling is the most important and time-consuming of all childhood activities, but it might be even harder on parents. Helping kids make the most of their education is a serious responsibility. You're not in this alone! We've compiled expert tips and suggestions to make the Corpus Christi school year more rewarding and less stressful for all of you.


  • Set reasonable bedtimes and wake-up times, including weekends, and stick to them.
  • Create a master calendar where the whole family can post their schedules. Let the kids join you in making a DIY calendar using chalkboard paint.
  • Put their love of technology to good use by downloading apps like iHomework or myHomework.
  • Use a large plastic tub as a staging area for textbooks, backpacks and other items that can easily go "missing."


  • Having kids set personal goals, such as raising a math grade from a C to a B, helps them internalize the importance of hard work.
  • Just say "no" to distracted homework. Designate an appropriate study area away from TVs, video games and other potential time-wasters.
  • Encourage kids to read for pleasure as well as education.

Parental Support

  • Hold regular weekly meetings to review and discuss any school-related topic, from favorite teachers to struggles with a particular subject.
  • Sharing stories of your own school days is a nice way to bond with kids while showing that you can relate to their experiences.
  • Be available for help, but don't get carried away and do the work for them.
  • Make it a point to attend open houses, conferences and other events where you can meet teachers and be actively involved in the educational process.

After-school Hours

  • Have kids prioritize extracurricular activities based on interest so they (and you) don't become overextended.
  • Limit time on digital devices like social media and video games, but treat them as perks for hard work rather than forbidden activities.
  • Plan some activities like museum trips that combine learning and fun.

Family Time

Take advantage of great family-friendly events taking place near our Springs at Corpus Christi luxury apartment community.

  • Schoolhouse Rock Live!, appearing at Harbor Playhouse through September 18, appeals to all generations.
  • Head over to Comics Plus on Saturday, September 17 and celebrate the third annual Batman Day, featuring games, giveaways and other surprises.
  • Whether you're a participant or a spectator, Masterpiece in a Day on Saturday, September 24 in the Marina Arts District is a vibrant showcase of creativity that includes a lively parade.

Do you have a favorite tip or hack that takes the stress out of school time? Let us know in the comments!

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