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(June 26, 2014)

Corpus Christi School

Corpus Christi schools are among some of the best in the state, and we have three in close proximity to Springs at Corpus Christi Apartments. For those considering moving to our community, here’s what’s in store for you and your kids at the local elementary, middle, and high school. Remember that all schools have their strengths and areas that need improvement, and your experience and that of your child depend on many factors. Reviews we provide are courtesy of greatschools.org and are just a sampling of comments from parents in each school.

Faye Webb Elementary

Size: 704 students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade

Principal: Norma Cullum, who’s been with the Corpus Christi Independent School System for 19 years and Principal at this school since late 2005


  • “Definitely the best of the best. Warm loving environment with the highest regard to teaching & developing the minds of our children. Learning is fun at Webb.”
  • “Seeing that we are a Military family, we move around and see many different school districts. I could not be happier that my children go to Webb Elementary. This will be our third year at this school and feel that each year our children are challenged by the teachers. The principal and assistant principals are always seen on the grounds and they always have a smile on their faces and make it a point to recognize me.”
  • “The academic program at this campus is extremely superior to the general curriculum provided at most campuses. The school has so many activities that involve the children, parents, and community.”

Kaffie Middle School

Size: 1,204 students in 6th through 8th grades

Principal: Patti Heiland. Ms Heiland taught 2nd, 6th, 7th and 8th grades for 11 years, and has been Principal for the last 13.


  • “I love it, and the students are great! I believe the Pre-AP classes are challenging enough for my daughter and she usually has homework. I have had some issues with some staff but they were resolved quickly. Some of course are always more concerned with others. I really recommend it and think it's the best public middle school in town.”
  • “I am very impressed with Kaffie Middle School. The principal is awesome and the pre-AP classes are challenging. It is a really good mix of kids and they all seem to respect one another. No problems with our children going to school there. I would recommend it.”
  • “Kaffie is a great school. My son has attended from 6th-8th grade. The teachers call me and e-mail me with any concerns or questions they have. My son is challenged by their AP classes and their teachers! Some of the other ratings said that they teach for the TAKS but all schools teach for one test or another its just how they teach the information and what other information they add to that. Kaffie offers all of this!”

 Mary Carroll High School

Size: 2,200 students in grades 9th – 12th

Principal: Dr. Kelly Manlove. Dr. Manlove is new to her position as Principal of the school and has 17 years experience in public education.


  • “My son attended CHS when he was a freshman. He is now a senior in what my opinion is the best school. Teachers are caring and are willing to help and teach the children. There is always parental involvement in the children’s academic courses. I have seen a lot of children grow to be responsible young men and women. I am proud to have my son in such a school. I look forward for when my grandchildren also attend Mary Carroll High School.”
  • “I believe that this school is the best of them all. I say this because throughout its years, Carroll has been bringing about youthful and ready to learn students.”

We’d love to hear from residents with kids at any of our Corpus Christi schools – what’s the experience been for you and your kids? Who are your favorite teachers? What did you child(ren) like most about the school?

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