Tips For Buying A Mattress (Without Breaking The Bank)

(June 02, 2016)


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Ironically, while a good night's sleep remains elusive for many people, they often fail to consider the biggest factor: their mattress. No matter how dark or quiet your bedroom is, or how much warm milk you've had to drink, or how high the thread-count is in your sheets, you're not going to sleep well if your mattress is worn or uncomfortable.

A mattress is one of the more significant purchases you will make. Be sure you have a solid game plan in mind before you begin shopping. To help, we've compiled some top-secret information and tips from industry experts to help you plan your strategy.

Decide On A Size

How comfortable can you be if your feet are hanging off the foot of the bed or you're curled up near the edge, hanging on for dear life? Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Make sure you get a size that you will fit on comfortably. Even if you sleep solo, you may need a larger size if you tend to shift around a lot during the night. Plus, make sure it fits in your bedroom.

Buy The Right Firmness

Mattress companies may use similar terms such as firm, plush or supersoft, but they're not standardized. The only reliable gauge is to try it out for yourself. Most experts agree that medium firmness is the preferable type. It provides adequate support overall with enough flexibility to accommodate your body's natural contours.

Give First Consideration To Innerspring Mattresses

Some newer mattresses are made with memory foam, which is heat-sensitive to conform to your body, but it can be difficult to get used to. Conventional innerspring mattresses are still the most popular choice. Some come in hybrid versions with a layer of foam over the springs.

Don't Be Afraid To Take A "Trial Run"

People sometimes lie stiff as a board on a showroom mattress, fearful of somehow embarrassing themselves by trying more natural positions. As a result, they don't get an accurate sense of how compatible the mattress is with their sleep style. Take all the time you need to try one out. If you sleep on your side or tend to roll around a lot, do the same on the test mattress. Make sure your spouse or significant other accompanies you so there is agreement on both sides.

Make Sure There Is A 30-day Trial Period

Even the most thorough in-store testing is not a guarantee of how you and your new mattress will get along once you're back home. A trial period gives you time to see how it performs in real-life usage.

Keep An Eye Out For Sales

Holiday weekends like Memorial Day and Labor Day are often popular times for stores to run mattress sales. Features such as discounted prices or free delivery can also result in major savings.

The bedroom in your Springs Apartments home should be your personal sanctuary. Don't you deserve a good night's sleep on a comfortable mattress? Here's wishing you sweet dreams!

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